Purpose Media (UK)
Ltd started trading at the beginning of January when directors Matt Wheatcroft and Tim Lenton set up the company after working together for four years at well known local company. Along with three other former team members this entrepreneural duo have established a new dynamic website design and development company from superb offices in the Mansfield i-Centre, Nottinghamshire.

Purpose Media on the other hand are looking to work with eCommerce clients who are looking to get a ‘return on investment’ for their on-line businesses as well as clients who may require content management systems (CMS). The skills and experience of the team (some with more than 10 years industry experience) means that customers can look forward to building a long term relationship where success, although not guaranteed, is the focus of both you the client and our team here at Purpose Media.

Our services include the design and build of website solutions customised to suit your business requirements. A major part of the website development is the consideration we afford to search engine optimisation (SEO) and generally we recommend that customers select solutions that include ongoing support with Internet marketing and promotion.

Of course it isn’t easy to achieve page one ranking on Google, but with the help and support of our dedicated team in areas like Internet marketing and website promotion strategies there are real opportunities to achieve high search engine ranking.

The finished result is a working relationship based on developing interactive websites that have real potential to grow your business and get a ‘return on investment’ often exceeding expectations.

The team consists of:-

  1. Kathy-business development/sales
  2. Matt-sales/marketing/Internet marketing
  3. Sam-design/development coordinator and accounts
  4. Alan-graphic design and web design
  5. Tim – website development and applications developer

We would like to offer a warm welcome to clients old and new wishing to find out more about our services. Feel free to get in touch and discover what is happening on the Internet now and learn how your business can use this fascinating technology for supporting and growing your business.

Telephone 01623 600694


Let's get started.

Posted by Katrina Starkie