Purpose Media would like to Congratulate “The All In One Company” for winning the “Wansbeck Business Award” for “New Business of the Year” in the North East.

The All In One Company won the award all because of their successful website Purpose Media built at the start of the year and the continued marketing throughout the year.

The All In One Company’s idea is extremely niche to say the least. However, the on-going effort from Kate Dawson the owner of the company, working with Purpose Media throughout the year to grow the web site, try new things and listen to existing customers has seen the website and business grow from strength to strength.

Purpose Media believe the award is well deserved for Kate and “The All In One Company” at the same time it’s very reassuring for Purpose Media to see our clients achieving everything they have set out to do via their website and more.

Purpose Media want to see all our clients achieve their full potential via on-going support and a direct relationship over a period of time to ensure the success of The All In One Company is achieved by all. The ironic thing about the great relationship & success that Purpose Media and The All In One Company have achieved over the past year is that we have never met Kate or anyone else from the All In One Company, everything has been achieved via phone calls and e-mail alone.

A truly unique experience all round in terms of the relationship and the products that Kate sells.

Well Done Kate!

To see the list of  the North East winners: Click Here or check to out the “Award Winning” All In One Company Website:

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Posted by Katrina Starkie