At the end of last week Google announced in the Google webmaster blog that it had changed it’s ranking algorithm, so that a larger number of results can appear from a single site.

Google’s statement of these changes read ‘We expect today’s improvement will help users find deeper results from a single site, while still providing diversity on the results page‘. Previously Google had emphasised diversity as being one of the most important objectives when delivering it’s results. Google is now saying that results from the same site can still be diverse enough.

For webmasters of small to medium sized web sites this probably means that they will be able to dominate the search results for specific events and products. For example if we search for the Soloro Summer Sale we find that the top 7 positions are held by references to the Soloro site. As this company are running the sale and they are the main seller of their brand of shoes, then they are the most authoritative source on this subject and therefore rank at the top of the search results.