Search remains one of the best ways to promote a web site, despite recent growth in popularity of social networking sites like Facebook. At Purpose Media we are firm believers that search must still play a central role in any web marketing strategy.

The chart shown below is real life data from one of our clients and it shows how the number of visits from offline sources, paid for search engine advertising and the organic search engine results has varied over the life of the site.

Offline marketing strategy

It is worth noting that this business is working with a marketing budget and has been pro-active identifying offline marketing opportunities that can be used alongside online activity. You will see that shortly after the site first opened for business in 2008, the majority of the site visits were generated through offline marketing activity. This offline activity combined with bookmarking by site user has seen the traffic from this source continue to grow over the past 2 years. This has been achieved with regular updates to the site with both content and evolutionary design changes playing their part in this growth.

site visits from search over a 1 month period

Paid for search

Google Adwords campaigns were first undertaken in 2009 and due to the success of this technique additional keyword phrases were targeted throughout the year. The tactical nature of paid for search engine advertising combined with excellent analytics reporting tools, means the cost effectiveness of the campaign could be monitored to ensure a return on investment was achieved. The list of paid for search keywords has continued to expand and the more productive phrases have been pursued more aggressively, over the past two years. This has seen a 33% increase in traffic between 2009 and 2010.

Organic search

The holy grail of any search marketing is to reduce advertising spend while growing search traffic. While this sounds counter intuitive it can be done by successfully optimising the web site so that it ranks well in the organic search results. If successful this strategy can have remarkable results as shown in figure 1 above. In year 1 the traffic sourced from organic search increased by 325% while in year 2 it increased by an astounding 643%. In terms of revenue the organic search produces approximately 3 times the volume produced by the next largest contributor.

How can Purpose Media help you?

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