With Microsoft complaining bitterly that recent upgrades to Google’s search algorithm have adversely affected the search prominence of their price comparison site, it got us thinking of the best way for companies to monitor the performance their e-commerce websites.

The power of Google Analytics

The Google Analytics platform is a really useful way to track site visits to a site so the company can gain crucial intelligence about where site visitors are coming from and what they are interested in. The dimensioned data in Analytics lends itself to further scrutiny as it is possible to examine the traffic from a particular search engine to find out what keywords were entered to bring the visitor to the site.

e-commerce bottom line

Google Analytics e-commerce trackingHowever the real beauty of analytics is the way it can be extended to provide full financial tracking so that sales values can be associated with each sales channel and against each keyword so that optimisation efforts can target the most productive search phrases. Objective research can be carried out to find out where advertising will be most productive and a more precise measure of the financial benefit of that advertising can be completed.

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