Cross-border trading is certainly a growth area in e-commerce with Internet Retailing reporting that 58% of retailers sell to more than one country. While a large proportion of this is dominated by similar markets selling to each other; such as Germany selling to other German-speaking countries or the Scandinavian countries selling to each other, there are still many opportunities to be exploited.

Recent reports have showed that the fastest growing markets in the EU were found to be the UK (38%), France (22%) and Germany (16%). It might come as a surprise that the UK still has such a high growth rate as it has not been an easy couple of years economically. However the level of investment in e-commerce innovation has continued to drive growth, but it is possible this growth will slow over the next few years.

Multi Lingual Websites

To offset these risks and open up even more opportunities to sell across a range of international countries we are finding that many businesses are now ensuring their website can be read in a number of multi-lingual versions.  We have been able to structure our websites so that they can be managed from a single control panel and have developed a strategy for translating site content that removes the amount of manual work and re-keying that has previously been unavoidable. We have also refined techniques to ensure that the international websites perform well in the target overseas markets and are also highly ranked in the search engine results of the respective country.