Gold Partners OblongAs a specialist ecommerce website designer Purpose Media have long preferred SagePay as our Payment Service Provider. This choice is based on the simplicity, reliability, cost and range of options available from SagePay’s solution, compared with similar services offered by their competitors.

What are web merchants looking for in a payment process?

We know that our clients want a streamlined checkout process that maximises the possibility of a conversion on their website. At Purpose Media we have designed our own ecommerce system so that we have total control of all aspects of the website, including the checkout.  This way we can customise the transaction process to provide the best customer experience, using the SagePay system to maintain security of the customer’s card details and minimise the risk of card fraud.

The simplicity of SagePay’s integration options means that we can provide our clients with a solution that meets their exact requirements. This can be a straightforward ecommerce site trading exclusively in the UK, to subscription sites that defer payments or offset credit card charges with a customer surcharge, with worldwide reach.

It is often the small things, like form fields being optional rather than mandatory, that make the difference between a successful payment and an unsuccessful one. SagePay have developed their system to take account of this and the result is a mature, reliable system.

Above all, we know the merchant needs to be confident that the payment system is secure, minimises the possibility of card fraud and can grow with their business. This means that the payment process must be PCI compliant and offer a range of facilities that will suit SMEs to much larger organisations with large finance departments.

Why is good technical support so crucial?

Integrated systems that rely on third party services can be risky. SagePay mitigate this risk by offering first class telephone support for the merchant and the developer. We see this as an essential part of the SagePay package. With this in mind, Purpose Media can offer clients new integrations quickly, reducing the development hours required. Fast project delivery with fewer issues means Purpose Media have happier clients!

If issues should arise, we can rely on SagePay’s knowledgeable staff to quickly resolve the issue without client involvement.

Happy clients are always our number one priority at Purpose Media.

What are our most popular integrations?

Most of our integrations use form or server integration.

Form integration is used when our customer has a standard ecommerce website where they need to compile a basket of products and checkout.

Where more services are required, for example recurring payments for membership services, we tend to use server integration. This type of integration benefits our clients by allowing us to use ‘tokens’. These tokens make it possible to access stored card details without these card details being stored on the merchant’s site. This speeds up the checkout process, provides a more satisfying experience for the buyer and maintains PCI compliance.

Using SagePay on International Websites

Payment options for International websites is another area where we have found SagePay to be the best solution. For example, we have recently been developing a trade website for a hat wholesaler selling to retailers in Germany. In Germany, most of their buyers prefer to use PPRO (PurchasPro) in the same way as a UK customer might use a debit card. SagePay offer a solution to this issue via server integration so that this important payment option could be added.

Purpose Media are an award winning ecommerce website development company. Thanks to SagePay, we can deliver faster projects, with fewer issues.

Happy customers are our No 1 priority…that’s why we prefer SagePay!