Purpose Media has been approved as an adviser for the Government’s Growth Voucher scheme.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.02.41The Growth Voucher Scheme aims to help small businesses access the advice they need to help them grow.

Launched in January 2014, the Growth Voucher programme is a £30 million fund that provides small businesses with the opportunity to apply for a voucher to spend on strategic advice from a list of approved advisers. The vouchers will contribute 50% towards the cost of obtaining advice, and funding is available in values from £100 to £2,000.

A Growth Voucher can be used to obtain strategic advice on any of the following categories:

  • Marketing, attracting and keeping customers.
  • Making the most of digital technology.
  • Managing cash flow, late payments and negotiating finance.
  • Developing new skills and taking on staff.
  • Improving leadership and management.

You will be also be able to choose Purpose Media to help you in two of the five above categories.

A typical assignment will be to conduct a strategic review of your on-line marketing strategy, and recommend improvements to your current strategy and website presence. An ongoing project can then be agreed to provide the advice required to implement our proposals.

To apply, all you have to do is complete an on-line questionnaire. Your application will be assessed and you will then be sent an email confirming whether your application has been accepted.

Click here to find out more about applying for a growth voucher.

Once your voucher has been issued you can then select Purpose Media as your adviser.

Let's get started.

Posted by Katrina Starkie