smartphone societyIs your website ‘smartphone ready’?

Last week Ofcom’s annual communications report made an important announcement; the UK is now officially a ‘smartphone society’.

This is big news for businesses who sell their goods and services online, as it means that smartphones are now the UK’s most popular method of browsing the internet.

If we look at just one year ago, the same survey showed that 22% of people turned to their smartphones for using the internet, with 40% turning first to their laptop. Just 12 months later, 33% of users get out their smartphone first, and 30% choose their laptop.

Similarly, if we compare the amount of time spent on smartphones to laptops, users are spending almost twice as long browsing on a smartphone at 1 hr 54 minutes a day, compared with 1 hr and 9 minutes on a laptop.

With 93% of adults owning a mobile phone, and two thirds of these being smartphones, it isn’t long before almost every adult in the UK owns an internet-friendly phone – and don’t forget, this figure does not include teenagers – tomorrow’s generation of smartphone shoppers.

4G-stats_webThe rise of 4G

By 2017, the government has issued targets for 98% of homes to have access to 4G.

With 2G offering the ability to send text messages, 3G making internet use easier and more efficient, 4G is now revolutionising how we can view videos and use social media with this super fast, super efficient connection.

By the end of 2014 there were 24 million 4G subscribers compared with less than 3 million users at the end of 2013. Figures for 2015 are expected to show another big jump in 4G use, and if you don’t join in the revolution, your business could get left behind.

Not all networks have 4G so if you are looking for a new network preovider you phone maybe locked with a particular carrier. You can unlock your mobile with the iPhone IMEI unlocking service.

With these statistics in mind, it’s crucial that your website is fully responsive to gain maximum market share of these big spending, tech-savvy surfers. Smartphone use is only going to get bigger, so if a responsive website is not already in your short-term business plan, you need to start planning now.


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