Is your brand holding your business back?

Your brand is an important aspect of your business.

Not only is it a representation of your business and its values, it’s also a valuable tool in attracting more of the right customers, increasing conversion rates, order values and customer loyalty.

Yet bad or unsuited branding can cost your business.

To make sure that you can have confidence in a great brand, you’ve got to look through the eyes of your customers and see yourself as they see you.

It’s only then that you can deliver a memorable customer experience to them.

Our in-house creative team has vast experience of creating brands which help elevate businesses to the next level. There are many things they can do to create a brand for your business that connects with and engages your ideal customers.

However, here’s our list of the nine key ways that your brand could be holding your business back:

Nobody trusts you

A lot of business depends on first impressions.

Although real trust is built up over time, people will judge your business based on their initial impressions. This gives you a mere few seconds to convince your clients why they should trust you.

Good branding is the key to getting to first impressions right.

Branding will help you communicate your values, ethos, and the reason people should care, all in just a single moment.

This can be the difference between someone picking up your product or turning towards a competitor.

You have no story

Storytelling is an age old human trait.

Having your branding tell a story shows the human aspect of your business, increases trust and helps to establish relationships with your customers

Yet, a lot of businesses are wary of telling their own story.

Your story doesn’t need to be complex, but it does need to be true to you.

Some may be more obvious than others, such as ‘Established 1989’, ‘Founded on 20 Years’ Experience’ or ‘Family-owned and -run’, but each company will have a story that is unique to them.

Stories are memorable, easy to pass on, easy to explain and much easier to sell because people want to be a part of them.

Nobody understands you

Businesses aren’t constant. There is always change in direction, values and size.

Your branding also doesn’t last forever, and needs to grow and evolve with your business.

Without a reflection of the change in your branding, it can be almost impossible for people to understand what your brand is.

When people are confused, or don’t understand your offer or what you stand for, they won’t decide to buy. Prevent them from going elsewhere by ensuring that your branding truly reflects your business.

Nobody knows what you stand for

Humans are hard-wired to join something, and people will naturally migrate towards groups of people who share their ideas, their beliefs and their culture.

Brands are no different.

By letting people know your cause, you can connect with your clients and customers in a way that inspires them to take action.

The biggest brands take great pride in letting everyone know what they stand for. They do it because it works.

Creating this level of engagement means they are much more likely to stand with your brand and refer you to friends, family members and colleagues, and continue to choose your brand ahead of your competitors.

Your message is the same as your competitors’

Genuine USPs are gold dust, difficult to find and difficult to keep hold of.

As soon as one business starts saying something, others will follow suit.

Look around your industry, is your brand message like that of your competitors?

If it is, you need think of ways you can make your brand stand out and not be seen as one of many.

Look at what makes you different and ensure that your brand promotes this. Be confident in your message and your uniqueness. With a strong and unique brand message, you will be able to connect with your audience, help them understand you and, of course, buy from you.

Your team doesn’t understand your brand

Your brand should show your values at every opportunity.

Every time your phone is answered, one of your team visits a client or an email is sent, your clients and customers are making a judgement about what you stand for, what your message is and what you’re promising.

Your team plays a vital role in promoting your brand and should be the first to get behind it, living the principles and helping you to reflect your values to your clients and customers.

But does your team understand your brand?

Making sure your people understand your brand will help them feel like they’re part of something bigger than a business.

They will also become advocates of your brand values, share your brand story and help you to increase conversion and keep your most loyal customers and clients.

Your message isn’t consistent

Having a consistent message and identity builds familiarity and increased loyalty with your customers and clients.

A consistent message also builds recognition of your brand, without which nobody could accurately talk about the people they work for or with.

Having an inconsistent message makes it harder for your audience to understand who you are and can make it harder for people to trust you.

Recognition, familiarity and loyalty make one brand outsell another, keep your clients coming back and increase your profit margins.

Make sure you achieve this with consistent brand messages.

Your promises aren’t being kept

At the heart of every brand is a promise.

In the build-up to a purchase, your client has made all kinds of assumptions about quality, service levels and how much of a difference it’s going to make to their lives.

These promises are set up through your branding.

Through a combined effort of accurate brand understanding, a consistent and accurate message and knowing your story, users will be able to make a more accurate judgement of your promise.

Without all your key brand elements in place, people may make a misjudgement about your promise – leading to disappointment.

In the internet age, people are happier than ever to tell the world about their expectations not being met.

Keeping clients and customers happy means you increase the opportunity of being referred to friends, family and colleagues, increase the chance of multiple purchases and enhance the goodwill of your brand.

You don’t understand your customers

People are bombarded with choice. With competitors everywhere, your clients and customers are hard to find and hard to keep.

It’s even harder if you don’t understand them. Knowing why your clients and customers use your service or buy your product will help keep them loyal, buying more regularly and sharing with others.

By understanding your customer, including what motivates them and how to appeal to them, you can ensure that your branding is attracting the right kind of customer for your business.


Ultimately, your branding needs to reflect your business. It should tell your story, values and why your customers should care about you.

As your brand shows your values at every opportunity, it’s incredibly important for your team to understand your brand and to have a consistent message. Having confusing or inconsistent messages can easily make your customers turn towards a competitor.

Need more information about perfecting your brand? Get in touch with our experts today.