Twitter videos are an engaging way to communicate with your followers.

Twitter videos

With the recent explosion of video, it has become a crucial tool for building an online presence and turning social media to your advantage.

Using videos on Twitter can help you interact with and extend your potential reach through its massive global network of over 800 million users.

As well as this potential reach, videos on Twitter are a fantastic way of attracting your customer’s attention. It takes only one video to trend!

To help your business see the benefits, Purpose Media has put together this guide to videos on Twitter.

What are the benefits of using Twitter videos?

Twitter videos are one of the fastest ways to gain a customer’s attention.

Over the past year, Twitter’s data has shown that video views have grown by an astonishing 220% and are shared six times more than photos.

In addition, Twitter videos have improved:

  • Ad recall by 116%
  • Brand recall by 18%
  • Message association by 29%
  • Favourability by 9%

Not only are users twice as likely to respond to a video on Twitter, but they are also 64% more likely to influence the purchases of friends and family. Therefore, helping expand your overall customer base.

Videos on Twitter are also fantastic at engaging a mobile audience, with 93% of video views taking place on a mobile.

Part of what makes so Twitter videos so effective is their curated feed. With this, users feel like adverts are more relevant to them and less intrusive. Making them more likely to watch and engage with the videos as they feel personal.

What makes a great Twitter video?

A well-performing Twitter video is engaging, with a simple, clear and consistent message for your brand.

Great Twitter adverts also need to find the right balance between content and length.

They need to be long enough to connect with the audience, but also short enough to prevent customers from clicking off before they see your key sales message.

Some of Twitter’s best performing videos were in a long form. These include Nike’s Snow Day advert, which was retweeted three times more than the company’s average tweets.

And JCPenney’s #JustGotJingled drove more video views on Twitter than it did on YouTube.

Although long-form videos work well on Twitter, it’s important to remember that less is always more with corporate videos.

Don’t try to include everything on your video, instead focus on getting across a clear and simple message.


Videos are genuinely engaging and a great way to communicate with your audience.

Twitter videos are a fantastic way of attracting, and retaining your customers’ attention. As shown by Twitter’s growing video views of 220% within the past year.

Our video team has worked with hundreds of clients across the UK to produce high-quality corporate films which are optimised for use on a range of channels to help make a lasting impression.

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Posted by Katrina Starkie