How will the recent change in appearance of Google AdWords impact your business?

With Google AdWords, your advert appears above the organic search results on Google.

Recently, Google has changed the design of these adverts, moving towards a more natural design. But what does this change mean for your ad campaigns and your business? To find out, we asked our Google Premier Partner-accredited digital marketing manager, Mitch Brown, what he thought of the change…

How have Google Ads changed?

Google Ads have been changed slightly to appear more like organic search results.

Instead of a bright green ‘Ad’ block next to the link, the box has now changed into a subtle and less noticeable green outline.

This change can be shown in the example Google search for shoes below:

New Google AdWords

This change marks the latest in a long line of ad styles since their beginning. Starting off with a blue shading and colouring, Google has slowly changed and removed the shading around the adverts, making them look more like organic search results.

This timeline is a great example of the changes to Google AdWords over the years, which has led to this year’s more natural-looking design:

Google AdWords Timeline

What do these changes mean for your business?

With a subtler design, Google AdWords now blend naturally into organic search results. With this, it is more likely that users may not instantly recognise the result as an ad, not noticing the difference between the ads and organic search results.

If users don’t recognise it as an advert, they are more likely to trust it and click on it.

Therefore, this similarity to organic search results can drive more customers to your website, increase your traffic and generate more sales.

However, a drawback to the design could be an increase to your overall PPC (Pay Per Click) spend, affecting your ad budget and campaign.


It’s still too early to assess with any confidence what this subtle change will mean for your business. But, we believe it will benefit your ad campaign.

It’s clear that Google is moving towards a more ‘pay to play’ model. This will make it a lot harder to identify what is an ad and what is an organic listing. This will result in a higher clickthrough rate on ads and less engagement on organic listings.

Google has also moved from showing ads on the right-hand side of the page and displaying only three ads at the top to now displaying four ads at the top of the search results and removing the side ads, pushing the organic results further down the page.

Although this may increase PPC spend, the more natural design will mean that users will not recognise it as an advert as easily. This can result in an increase in clicks, traffic and sales for your business.

Don’t have an advert campaign? Google AdWords can be a fantastic way to drive customers to your website and increase your sales.

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