How your business can utilise 360° photography to enhance your online presence

What is 360° photography?

Google Earth and Google Maps have been around for many years, and if you have used either of these tools you will be familiar with ‘Street View’. This fully-interactive feature allows you to look around at street level, giving a fully-immersive experience.

To operate a 360° photo, the customer must interact with the image. This can be done either by clicking around the image, moving around it, or zooming in and out. On a mobile device, viewers can swipe, drag and point to interact. Customers can travel through your business, looking up, down and even go upstairs.

Now this feature can be taken into your business with 360° photography. Prompting potential customers to explore your premises.

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360° photography and your business

Marketing is a highly-competitive field. Digital marketing and maintaining a strong online presence can seem like a huge weight to any business. Your business must constantly look to diversify online and develop new and exciting ways to engage with customers.

It is common knowledge that many businesses do vast amounts of research before making a purchasing decision.
Being unique and forward-thinking in the wider marketplace will give your business a competitive edge, and make potential clients remember your business.

Using 360° will give potential customers a refreshing new perspective of your business.
For example, our own offices here at Purpose Media are open plan and full of themed breakout areas.
Through our own 360° photography, we have been able to document this and show potential customers that our offices are geared towards creativity and collaboration.

What is the need for 360° photography?

Using 360° photography will give your business the opportunity to showcase itself. This type of photography is not limited to any business type or industry.

It can be used to promote anything your business has in the pipeline on social media, through blog posts or hosted on your website. We have used 360° photography to showcase our new employees, giving the story more depth. Because every workspace is unique, so are the people who work there.

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This type of photography will give you the opportunity to invite potential customers into your business and have a look around.

360° photographs will increase the level of interest your business receives online. These images can be integrated into your search results, your Google maps and Google+ page. You can entice your new customers before they have even visited your website.

Think about the businesses you may work with daily, or the businesses you may want to work with. Have you ever wanted to see what their office space looks like? Well now you can. And you can showcase your business too.

If you would like to find out more about 360° photography and how this can work for your business, contact one of our photo and video experts now.

Let's get started.

Posted by Katrina Starkie