Facebook has the ability to gather a vast array of personal data, but how can you use this information for your business?

One of Facebook’s central aims is to deliver content that is of interest to its individual users. It keeps track of all the things people click on, like and share, and uses that data to show things other people with similar interests have liked. Businesses can pay Facebook to target their ads to specific groups of people, using the data it gathers from clicks. It means they can get their messages to people who are more likely to buy their products.

All of which is good news if you’re looking to use the platform to promote your product or service.

Facebook: the power of personal data

Facebook gathers data on its users in a variety of ways. It has been claimed the platform has more information on individuals than the Government does. Users of the platform readily give Facebook information about themselves… often without even knowing it.

For example, when you create your Facebook account, you immediately give over chunks of personal information. And the more you use the platform, the more data it harvests.

Updating your status with your opinion, liking pages and posts, being tagged in pictures with friends and having your location tracked all give Facebook data about your tastes, your views and even your movements.

All of this is valuable information to a business, as it builds a ‘profile’ of their ideal customers, for them to target.

How Facebook targets consumers

Facebook advertising is targeted marketing. It uses 98 data points to target its members with adverts. Here is a list of the top five data points:

1. Location
2. Age
3. Generation
4. Gender
5. Language

Facebook has a huge amount of personal data on its users, businesses can use this information to target prospects. The way it works is simple.

Even if a user is not logged into Facebook, cookie data is used to collect and store information about their online movements, which is then all fed into one data source. The data is pooled together to build an online profile of its users, based on their browsing habits.

This makes marketing a product or service to a customer easier than before.

How can Facebook help your business?

When considering Facebook advertising you need to ask: Are my customers using Facebook?

If the answer is yes, you should then ask: What am I doing to engage with them?

92% social marketers are using Facebook for advertising, showing that industry experts are utilising the platform to attract prospects to their business.

Your business can use this advertising to create a symbiotic relationship with your customers. Understanding them and delivering meaningful messages. The targeting tools available mean you can see your campaign results in real time, meaning you can edit it at any point based on your advertising objectives.

Many customers consider social media platforms a ‘safe space’ online, which is reinforced by them seeing content that is specific to them and their needs. Meaning a prospect will be more likely to click on your ad.

Having a Facebook business page is no longer enough if you want to promote your business through the platform. Organic posts from your company page reach only ten per cent of your followers, and these can take time and effort to create. Organic posts should be part of a larger social media marketing strategy.

Before getting started…

Paid for advertising on any channel can be confusing and scary. Here’s 3 tips to consider before getting started:

1. Add a call to action button to your adverts. This can increase click through rate by 2.85 times.

2. Video earns the highest engagement despite making up only 3% on content on Facebook. Consider including video content with your ad.

3. Social media should never be your business’ only form of online marketing. Your strategy should consider marketing at each step of the buyer’s journey.

Let Purpose Media help you harness the power of Facebook advertising

Social Media is fast becoming a ‘pay to play’ model, as it is tough to get your content to appear to your ideal audience organically as their news feeds are based around their engagements and preferences.

Our expert digital marketing team has years of experience and a track record of delivering successful Facebook advertising campaigns for our clients.

So, if you’re ready to harness the power of Facebook advertising for your business, contact us today and let us help you explore its potential.

Let's get started.

Posted by Katrina Starkie