Video is the best way to tell a story. You can carefully communicate so much more in a short video clip than in any block of text. Our Head of Video, John, explains how:

The human brain loves stories.

As a brand, telling an enticing story is a perfect chance to reach your customers and get them excited about what you do.

A chance to build a lasting impression with your customers by engaging their feelings over your cold hard business facts.

Why tell people about your brilliant stories when you can show them?

In a world of ever-decreasing attention spans, if a picture paints a thousand words, what can you say in 60 seconds of video?

Consider Talk Talk’s latest advertising campaign. It doesn’t mention its products. It tells a story about its customers. Watch the video below.

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Benefits of video

Videos that use storytelling are more engaging than standard sales or promotional ones. Well-produced videos resonate with your audience, invoking emotion on different levels.

For example, your prospects can feel aspirational, elated or even saddened by your campaign. This emotion is a solid form of engagement which means your video has, in part, achieved its goal.

Engaging videos result in action. This is because customers are more likely to watch the whole video, see the call to action and respond to it.

Video also differentiates your business from competitors. No matter what industry you work in there will always be a cluster of adverts saying a very similar thing. How many times have you read something like ‘we’re the industry leaders’?

Video allows your business to get its message across in a unique way, using techniques like animation, live action or drone footage to bring your story to life.

It gives you an advantage over written marketing content, as customers retain information from visual images for much longer than text. But your video needs a good story for your customers to keep your business and campaign in their minds.

Social media, video’s new friend

A further benefit of video is the ability for your campaign to go viral.

We like to use the example of the Dollar Shave Club.

This video tells its customers a story about not wasting money on over-priced, over-complex razors and how you can still have a good shave with its own products.

Dollar Shave Club posted its promotional video on YouTube, and it soon went viral through the help of its engaged audience. Getting the company over 12,000 subscribers in less than two days, the company has won several prestigious awards for this campaign too.

Dollar Shave Club showed how understanding your customers, creating a memorable story, and delivering it on the correct platform can get your business more attention and loyalty than just a traditional print campaign.

Great stories, great results

Video is the fastest-growing form of marketing. More social media platforms promoting the use of video, and time-poor customers means 2017 is the year of video marketing.

Looking at the memorable marketing campaigns we all know, many of these are video-based. They tell a story that makes us remember them even more, meaning we often share them with friends and family.

Creating a video isn’t just about pulling out a camera and shooting what your business thinks is right.

Consider what your need to convey, how you’re going to do it and most importantly how you can defy convention to get your business noticed.  Think about the story your business has to tell and make sure you’re marketing to individuals, not groups.

Purpose Media

Video really is the best way to tell a story. You can carefully communicate so much more in a short video clip than with any block of text.

What’s more you can get that video working harder for you by getting it out there via online and social media channels – your story, in multiple places online, communicating your message and tickling your clients’ senses and emotions 24/7.

If your business is thinking of using video to promote your products or services you need to plan around these points

·       What is the story we are telling?

·       Who is our target customer?

·       What platform will our customers use to access this video?

·       Will my video create a memorable customer experience?

·       What are we trying to achieve?

Are you struggling to answer any of the above questions? Or looking for expert advice on video creation? Speak to one of our video experts, they’ve created videos for almost every industry and can give your message a competitive edge.


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Posted by Katrina Starkie