Four key lessons from our Memorable Marketing Masterclass with Bing Four key lessons from our Memorable Marketing Masterclass with Bing Four key lessons from our Memorable Marketing Masterclass with Bing

Four key lessons from our Memorable Marketing Masterclass with Bing

Today, we joined forces with our friends at search giant Bing to deliver an event aimed at helping local businesses to transform their marketing and boost their sales.

More than 50 people attended the event, at Pride Park Stadium, in Derby.

Katrina, our Marketing Services Director, and Jamie, our Head of Business Development, gave local companies expert advice on how to create a successful marketing strategy, and how to keep customers engaged with their brand.

Kicking the morning off, Katrina and Jamie took to the stage to deliver their presentation, which was followed by a very interesting talk by the guys at Bing about how to get the best out of your search campaigns.

Here are the key takeaways from both talks:

Create a marketing flask, not a sales funnel

Rather than pouring content down a sales funnel, begging your audience to buy, think about how your content is going to engage with customers by instead using a marketing flask.

Make sure you grab their attention, dare to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Let your audience know that you’re the solution to their problem, and choose which channels you’re going to target them on.

Next, think about how you will engage with them. Is your campaign relevant, personal, valuable and empathetic?

When a customer comes to purchase from you, is it a memorable experience?

Is it a straightforward process that encourages after-sales and sharing?

If it’s not, then why are you bothering?

No one pays attention to a boring marketing campaign that’s been done to death.

Look at the world through your customers’ eyes

It's about your customers
When it comes to memorable marketing, it’s all about your customers

Selling an outcome for your customers is far better than selling product features when it comes to marketing your services.

To effectively market your product, you must look at the world through your customer’s eyes, based on three key principles; problem, persona, and channel.

Firstly, the problem. For example, are you an internet provider who has the power to bring family and friends closer with high broadband speeds and cheap rates? Solving a problem in their lives.

Next, persona. Who are you solving the problem for? A family which wants to connect better.

Finally, channel. Which channels are you reaching your audience on? Are you targeting parents on prime-time TV slots? Or are you targeting the kids on YouTube and social media?

The combination of the three principles creates an effective marketing campaign that steers clear of the unsuccessful ‘hard sell’.

People don’t buy when you want to sell

To create a memorable marketing strategy, you need to ask yourself:

  • What problem do I solve for who?
  • Would they miss you if you were gone?
  • Is purchasing from you a memorable experience?

The idea is that if you create a positive, memorable experience for your customers, you’re guaranteed custom with them again.

For example, take a minute to think about Compare the Market and how it does its marketing.

Instead of a hard sell, pushing its insurance deals down your throat, it created a fun, memorable character in Olaf the Meerkat.

Each advert surrounds an aspect of Olaf’s life, with subtle hints about cinema deals or insurance filtered through.

Because these adverts are memorable, different, and focus on the needs of the consumer, people will always use Compare the Market to buy their insurance because they instantly remember Olaf and his ads.

And would you miss him if he went? Of course, you would!

Grow your business with Bing

With a 25% share of all UK desktop searches and growing, Bing is establishing itself as an important channel for businesses looking to grow their sales online.

Ads created with Bing display across Microsoft platforms and devices including Cortana and Office, as well as partner websites in the Bing Network like AOL, The Wall Street Journal and InfoSpace.

With one ad buy through Bing Ads, you can reach millions of unique searchers on the Bing Network who represent 918 million monthly desktop searches.

Using the hashtag #bememorable, the event created a buzz on social media

Advertising is less Math Men, more Mad Men

Bing search specialist Simon Jacobson told the event that when it comes to advertising, we now live in an era of choice.

The dominant media of today didn’t exist 25 years ago, so businesses were restricted to advertising either in print or the broadcast media.

Today, businesses can reach a vast network of customers with a single click, which means making sure your message stands out from the crowd is vital.

Rather than generic messaging to a wide group of people, successful marketing is all about personalisation and context – knowing who your customers are, knowing what their challenges are and knowing how you solve them.

It’s also about striking the right blend of ‘science and art’ to make sure your advertising not only looks good, but conveys the right message and appeals to the right people.for

But, as every business is different, one size doesn’t fit all. It’s all about starting slow, testing and learning until you strike upon the winning formula.

Bing Event - Bing Speaks
Simon from Bing talks about how to achieve success online

Make your marketing memorable

To get customers and, consequently, keep them, you need to create a marketing campaign that stands out from the rest.

Does your campaign do what others don’t? Are you effectively capturing your audience? Will they remember you?

If not, we can help, so get in touch today.

If you missed this morning’s event, why not catch the whole thing on video? Fill in the contact form below for your free Vimeo link.

Enquire today to see how we can help you redefine your marketing messages…