Best Marketing Campaigns of 2017

2017 has been a pretty big year for us here at Purpose Media.

We’ve expanded into our brand-new office, scooped amazing awards and put a prime focus on making marketing memorable.

Memorable marketing isn’t designed for the hard sell, it works on engaging with your customers on the platforms they use regularly and having a message that is delivered in a unique way. To get it right, we look through the eyes of your customer.

The more creative a campaign, the more customers will remember the experience, which creates something memorable. So, with that in mind, here are some of our favourite memorable marketing campaigns from the past year.

Does your favourite make the cut?

Yorkshire Tea – Where Everything’s Done Proper, Kaiser Chiefs

Yorkshire Tea created a bit of a ‘stir’ with its ‘Where Everything’s Done Proper’ campaign with the Kaiser Chiefs; the band plays the hold music for a caller, before being abruptly stopped before their song kicks in.

We love it because it’s engaging and provides a memorable experience for customers. Yorkshire Tea’s campaign demonstrates that it’s a fun, light-hearted and committed company. Its premise, ‘everything’s done proper’, rings true in an advert that takes this to hilarious extremes. The ad represents the type of customer experience customers will have with Yorkshire Tea and echoes the passion the company has.

TalkTalk – This Stuff Matters

TalkTalk’s ‘This Stuff Matters’ campaign captured the attention of viewers with a series of ads showing the various everyday moments of ordinary family life. With the premise that small moments matter, the ads show moments in day-to-day life that TalkTalk’s products and services involve.

Unlike competitors, TalkTalk doesn’t baffle its customers with lowered prices and one-off deals. Instead, it shows customers how important broadband is to their everyday life. Looking through the eyes of its customers, the campaign works by engaging with customers on the platforms they use regularly and delivering a message in a unique way.

Samsung – Ostrich

Samsung’s offering reminded us of how magical CGI can be. Cleverly advertising the latest in mobile VR technology, Samsung used a flightless bird which learns to virtually soar, using the tagline, ‘do what you can’t’.

When you do something different in the marketplace, it creates noise, and this is what will get you noticed for all the right reasons. If you think about a typical phone advert, it will often sell features, boasting what it can do that another model can’t. However, Samsung turned this idea on its head in a bid to get noticed, focusing instead on an emotive, aspirational message.

Selling ‘do what you can’t’, instead of mobile phones, Samsung cleverly captured the attention of customers and created an ad focused on what its product can do, which in this case, is help us experience virtual reality.

The advert was that good, it won a Clio Award!

Jaguar – F-Type

As a business, you can use any event to your advantage. The more creative your campaign, the more your customers will remember the experience. That’s why Jaguar decided ‘Dull and Boring Day’ would be a good day to kick off a new campaign for the F-Type R.

One F-Type was lent to a pair of young ladies in a town named Dull, in Scotland, while another went to two men in Boring, Oregon, in a bid to make their hometowns more exciting. The idea was that the F-Type is a thrill drive no matter where you drive it, even if it is in two of the dreariest places on the planet.

The Jaguar ad stands out compared to typical car adverts. It is not designed for the hard sell, it works by engaging with customers and providing an entertaining spin to what could otherwise be a rather generic ad. By using two young women, Jaguar also targeted a new audience that isn’t typical for its brand – branching out into a different market with a bold, innovative campaign.

McDonald’s – McCafe Coffee

The campaign that made us all giggle here at Purpose Media was the McDonald’s coffee ad. Poking fun at the ‘hipster’ attitude towards coffee, McDonald’s created a relatable advert that delivered its message quickly and wittily.

McDonald’s used its convenient, simple and fairly-priced coffee as a clever marketing tool to endorse a ‘no-nonsense’ approach towards a daily staple in many people’s lives. The advert considers what it’s like to be a customer, what their needs are, and how McDonald’s makes their lives easier and better with enhanced customer service.

How often will you think of this advert the next time you’re out for a cup of coffee?


So, what makes a good campaign?

Think about the problem you solve for your customer – who you’re targeting and where they consume content. Then add some creative flair to give them a memorable message.

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