Constantly finding creative ways to make our videos better, our team utilises the most up to date filming and post-production techniques. One of the most powerful techniques to help tell our clients stories is colour grading.  

Turning some of our recent test footage into an awesome video, we thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about what flat images are and why they make video better.   

Sharing our knowledge with you, we’ve put together this guide to explain why we always do this and how they create more cinematic and engaging films.   

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What are flat images?

Flat images are filmed with a LOG curve, which creates an image that looks washed out, dull and rather grey. However, by doing this we capture lots of additional information that helps us in post-production. Often used to shoot movies or commercials, filming with a LOG curve provides a high amount of dynamic range. It’s this Dynamic range that we’re looking for, it’s the holy grail of video colour correction.

Why do we use flat images? 

Although flat images may look dull before editing, they contain masses of information. This means that any shadows or darker areas will appear lighter, while brighter areas won’t look as bright. When it comes to grading the images, it’s the increased dynamic range which gives us greater control in playing with the colours, details, brightness and contrast.

By shooting flat images, our video team can get footage that looks more cinematic, engaging and detailed. Greater control of the image also means greater control of the story and message. Different looks, colours and styles allow for a different tone and feeling within a video – providing plenty of creative power to help tell the story.

Shooting flat images on Sony FS7

Shooting flat images is essential to getting beautiful quality film

Get your video right

Colour grading is just one of the ways we work with clients to create beautiful video.  It’s not just the quality of the film we need to get right, but also the story that’s told and the channel it’s shared on. To achieve that we create film with your customers in mind, creating engaging content that they want to see. Check out more examples of the films we create.

For more information on how to get the most from video, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Posted by Katrina Starkie