Social giant Instagram have recently released their own video platform, IGTV.

The move sees Instagram become the latest social platform to move towards video. Although we’re confident IGTV will achieve positive things for the app (and we’ll get to this) it certainly proves one thing: Video is key.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, video content is taking over. It’s an engaging and captivating way to connect with your audience and is set to continue growing, with 80% of all web traffic projected to be video based by 2021.

By announcing IGTV, Instagram is proving that it can keep up with trends and is ready for the video boom.


So, what is IGTV?

IGTV (Literally Instagram TV) is the place where longer form videos can be posted on Instagram.

Before the update, users were limited to 60 second videos in the traditional square format (except for live videos, which remain unchanged).

Although you can still post video to your feed in the same way as before, users can now post long form videos (up to an hour) to IGTV. Users will now get their own channel on IGTV, similar to YouTube, where the videos will be stored.

IGTV’s automatic play feature means that the videos immediately engage and capture audiences – while they browse the videos on offer. The platform also allows for comments and likes – giving the viewers a place to interact with the videos.


Plus, with the ability to upload via desktop, IGTV makes it easier than ever to post videos to Instagram.

Videos on IGTV will also be vertical – which is suggested to be the more natural way that people view video on mobile phones.

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom announced that IGTV was created through a desire to change how people make and watch video, moving it away from computers, into the mobile world, stating that “video deserves a better home on mobile”.

How will IGTV impact businesses?

At the moment, it’s unclear if IGTV will include adverts or if users will be paid like YouTube – but it is something that can change our relationships with influencers.

IGTV will give Instagram influencers a bigger voice on the app and more freedom to reach and engage with their followers. This gives businesses the option to have sponsored video content, which could improve success and value from influencer relationships.

In addition, IGTV will also allow you to include clickable links in the description of your video (which don’t work in normal posts) making it easier to take customers directly to the product that you’re advertising. The videos will also allow for editable cover photos.

Because IGTV play videos vertically – they also change the way that videos are filmed. They need to be filmed vertically – otherwise they will be difficult to view and will feature those infamous distracting black cinema bars on the top and bottom.


This update serves as an important reminder to plan your videos before you start – knowing exactly who you want to reach and how you’re going to use it before you get started.

IGTV – the key takeaways.  

Instagram are constantly proving that they’re one to watch in the social media world. The launch of IGTV is set to make a big impact, potentially killing Snapchats popularity and convincing a range of vloggers to move away from YouTube.

IGTV also proves that mobile and video are continuing to grow in today’s digital world – and how important it is that we keep up with it.

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Posted by Katrina Starkie