Who are the super influencers? While we are getting used to the influencer as a marketing tool, a super influencer takes it to the next level with a huge number of followers, verified on their platform for additional trust from users.

Using an individual with a vast social media following, brands can communicate a message, product, opinion or campaign to a mass audience.  

Influencer marketing is the digital alternative to word-of-mouth, trusted recommendations from people we feel we know and trust. It may seem like a novel idea that’s suddenly taken marketing by storm, but it isn’t at all new. Influencer marketing has been around for years. We’re just thinking about it differently now.  

In our previous blog, we established who influencers are and how they’re on the rise. In fact, they have become one of the most tangible communication points of a brand with their consumers. But what makes them so attractive for online marketers? And what makes their opinion so powerful?

Super influencers verified feed

‘Super Influencers’ are verified by the platforms they use, building trust with followers.

The Psychology of Super Influencers

Consumer behaviour is closely related to cognitive biases, which basically means that our preferences and beliefs influence our decision making. Influencer marketing works in a similar way.  

Influencers have the credibility that many brands may not have. They demonstrate authenticity and are trusted by customers, driving conversion rates for products and brands.  

Olapic found that the main reason consumers trust influencers was because they found them to be authentic. 44% of the female respondents noted that seeing the product/service in use was a reason to trust an influencer’s post, while males cited ‘expertise’ as most relevant.

Example of a super influencer promoting clothing

Being able to see items in use helps to support the authenticity of content.

By now, we’ve all seen celebrities, reality stars, Insta-models, and bloggers on social media feeds persuading consumers to purchase the best eyelash extending mascara, skin-perfecting cream, or bum-shaping jeans on the market. 

And these recommendations and endorsements are coming from the people consumers relate most to – those they follow and value the opinion of. Consumers trust super influencers to the same level they trust friends, meaning that the influencers can directly impact how consumers feel about a brand, while educating them about products. 

Building a Billion-Dollar Business Through Social Influence  

Take for example Queen of Super Influencers: Kylie Jenner and the powerful brand she has created with her self-titled Kylie Cosmetics line.  

In 2016, Kylie literally broke the internet when Google analytics couldn’t keep track of the number of visitors to her site after she released a new line of glosses. Following the release, droves of beauty enthusiasts posted about their prized Kylie glosses which they were so lucky to acquire.  

Kylie Jenner on the cover of Forbes

Becoming a Super Influencer is one thing. Using that status to build a business is another.

Kylie solidified her status as the influencer all other super influencers should follow. She kept audiences engaged by re-posting user-generated content to her Instagram page. In addition, beauty influencers and enthusiasts cheerfully showed off their glosses creating a viral wave of anticipation for Kylie’s next release.  

Essentially, Kylie makes her money by leveraging her social media following. Every day, she takes to social media, posing for selfies with captions about which Kylie Cosmetics shades she’s wearing, takes videos of upcoming products and announces new launches. 

It sounds absurd until you realise that she has over 110 million followers on Instagram and millions more on Snapchat, and many of them are young women and girls – her direct target audience. 

Kylie’s lip gloss craze is proof thatbrands should actively be where their consumers are online. Their customers and enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes clearly love platforms like Instagram and Facebook because of their visual and easy-to-consume nature. 

Is influencer marketing right for you?

With the ability to transcend into all marketing disciplines, from PR to direct marketing, influencer marketing provides the invaluable opportunity to create a unified message across multiple platforms. And while influencers aren’t for every kind of marketing strategy – businesses can become influencers in their sector if they position their business correctly. This is where Purpose Media can help. 

You don’t need to decide if influencer marketing is right for your business, we work with you to understand your customers and create a plan backed by data, so you can decide based on evidence. Good news if you’re keen to ensure you get the best value for your marketing spend. Our expert team will become an extension to your marketing department or in-house resources, giving you access to all the services you need under one roof. It doesn’t matter if you’re social media savvy or a complete novice, we can help you get your marketing right. 

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Posted by Katrina Starkie