Inductions are important processes, so it’s important to get yours right! Induction videos play an essential role in providing new recruits with all of your required information and training and can help them familiarise and settle into your company.

Your staff are a vital asset to your company and a great induction provides the key to getting them performing at their best as quickly as possible. And gives off the best first impression for your company.

The problems of human-led induction

The key to inductions is to ensure that everyone receives all of the required information in an engaging and memorable way, every time. It’s vital that every employee has the same standard of training throughout the company.

Yet human-led induction deliveries are incredibly time consuming and there is no guarantee you’ll be able to deliver the perfect induction every time.

The most likely outcome is having staff with different levels of training.

There will be some people who received every piece of information and are performing at their best, while others may be missing information which may prevent them from doing their job to the best of their ability.

Overall, you’ll have a really inconsistent workforce.

This is where video inductions can help.

The benefits of induction videos

Induction videos ensure that everyone gets the exact same information every time.

By eliminating your inconsistencies, you’ll benefit not only from a more productive workforce, but it will also help you achieve your ISO accreditations.

Videos are a fantastic way of communicating information.

They’re proven to increase audience engagement and can save your company valuable time, as they can be reused.

As videos also encourage positive reactions, you can make your staff even happier to become part of your team.

In short, induction videos help your staff learn and retain more information in less time. They provide all the necessary information without costly sessions, saving you both time and money.

Get the most out of your induction video

To get the most out of your induction videos, they need to be creative, interesting and engaging to your audience.

So, we’ve put together a handy list of dos and don’ts of induction videos. Helping you get yours right.


  1. Make it interesting  interesting videos engage your staff. They ensure everyone’s paying attention and absorbing all of the information they need.
  2. Make use of graphics graphics are a great way to highlight keywords or figures and really make your points hit home. Make sure you’re just highlighting though – too much text will overwhelm.
  3. Use simple language avoid confusing your new staff. Explain everything in the simplest and easiest way possible.
  4. Know your goals you should tailor your induction films to your business and your goals. Your film will achieve the best results if you know exactly what your goals are.
  5. Be creative videos give a fantastic platform to really be creative. Don’t be afraid to use some really great ideas and styles to make your video extra engaging.


  1. Make it cheesy cheesy videos don’t work. They don’t engage your staff and will prevent them from absorbing the information they need. Save yourself the embarrassment and stay well away from cheesy content.
  2. Talk only to the camera no matter how interesting you think you might be, talking to the camera gets boring pretty soon. Videos give you a space to be creative, so use it and keep your staff’s attention with a range of styles – like animation, graphics or voiceover.
  3. Use too much text text graphics are great for highlighting key points or figures. But using too much text will overwhelm and lose engagement. Let visuals tell the story – no one wants to feel like they’re reading a manual while watching a film.
  4. Include irrelevant information use the videos as a way to cut back all the non-essentials. Tell your staff just what they need to know. Don’t overwhelm them with anymore.
  5. Make it complicated induction videos should be engaging, simple to understand and make your staff feel at ease. Go back to basics and don’t over-complicate things.


Induction videos are a great way of providing new recruits with all they need, helping them feel at ease and ensuring that their induction is perfect every time.

Video is worth a thousand words. Let’s say something powerful. Why not get in touch to see how we can help you strike a chord with your workforce?

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Posted by Katrina Starkie