Our Head of Video, John Starkie, gave blood, sweat and tears for a very good cause at the weekend as he took part in the Munich Marathon for a charity challenge.

John, who was joined by lifelong friend Terry Moore, completed the 26-mile course in four hours and 53 minutes, as the temperature soared to 23°C.

The friends undertook the challenge to support the NHS’ Give Blood campaign. However, instead of raising cash, they asked their supporters to sign up to donate blood instead.

So far, 24 friends and family – including several colleagues from Team PM – have signed-up to back John’s quest.

Donated blood is used in hospitals across the UK to help treat patients with a range of illnesses and conditions and those who have suffered life-threatening injuries or trauma.

Around 900,000 people across the UK gave blood in 2017, but the NHS’ Blood and Transplant team estimates it needs to attract around 200,000 new donors every year to keep up with demand for supplies.

John and Terry at chill with their medals

John said: “It was certainly tough, especially with the heat, but knowing that we’ve raised awareness for blood donation honestly makes it all worth it. Getting a stein of beer for each leg after the race helped too!”

Friend and supporter Bryn Liptrot added: “I’ve always thought about giving blood, but seeing what John and Terry committed to made me take the plunge and sign up.”

It’s not too late to support John and Terry in their challenge – simply arrange an appointment at your nearest donation centre at and email to confirm.

Let's get started.

Posted by Katrina Starkie