The relationship between manufacturers and distributors is changing. Now, it’s time to talk directly to the end-users of your products.

We’ve worked with over 600 clients in the past ten years, many of which are manufacturers. We’ve helped them to develop bespoke e-commerce stores that link with business systems, combined with robust marketing strategies that drive sales from your customers.

Most manufacturers sell only through distributors, this has been the norm for many years. But times are changing, fast. Manufacturers are realising the huge benefits of going directly to the end-user, mainly being more profit and greater control of your brand’s destiny.

For a long time, manufacturers have felt trapped.

They didn’t want to disturb the relationship with distributors by coming into direct competition with them, but the distributors usually promote the products where they make the highest margin, which isn’t always your own.

Generally speaking, manufacturers are great at making products, but not at marketing them.

It’s time to think differently.

We’ve seen a huge shift in mentality in the last few years, and manufacturers are now willing to explore the possibility of selling direct.

Selling direct brings your business huge benefits and potential.

You’re able to charge retail pricing and make higher margins. You gain visibility over who is purchasing your product, allowing you to tailor your marketing message. You create brand visibility, giving you greater control of your future.

And surprisingly, you’re able to actually strengthen your relationship with distributors by increasing the demand for your products, increasing both their sales and your direct sales.

Where to start.

A focused marketing campaign is about looking at the world through the eyes of your customers to create memorable experiences. And delivering a message that means something to your customers.

Our advice is to always start with your customer, and we don’t mean the distributor. We mean spending time thinking about which individuals purchase your products and then beginning to think about the reason they purchase.

Most buying decisions are made to avoid loss. Therefore your customers probably purchase a product because they need to solve a problem. What problem does your product solve and how does it solve it better than a competitor?

If you can answer that question, you’ve got the starting point of your marketing strategy!

The downsides of going direct.

If selling direct was easy, everyone would be doing it.

If you’re a manufacturer who’s never explored marketing previously, it’s probably a good idea to take baby steps at first.

Selling direct doesn’t just involve creating a great marketing strategy. You’ll need a facility to take orders and infrastructure behind the scenes to pick & pack, as well as deliver orders, handle returns and customer support. All of which needs to be built over time to ensure success.

A great marketing strategy is worth nothing if it isn’t supported by a consistent customer experience across all touch points of your brand.

Even if you decide that moving towards direct is too much for your business right now, remember that engaging with your end-users will still help to build brand awareness and drive more demand for your product.

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Posted by Jamie Bourn