People make Purpose. 

That’s why we believe that developing our team is one of the most valuable investments we could ever make. We each bring our own experiences and talent, but it’s through working together that the magic truly happens.  

So, it’s rather fitting that this blog post about teamwork comes on National Mentoring day! 

National Mentoring Day 

National Mentoring Day was launched to celebrate mentoring, with a key focus on recognising excellence and raising awareness of the significant benefits of it brings, to encourage more people to get involved and working together. 

Its aim is to encourage interactive discussions, events, and activities for everyone involved, showcasing the benefits of being a mentor and of being mentored. 

We’ve already mentioned how important we think it is to invest in our team, and one way we do so is by mentoring our junior members of staff, working to hone in on their skillsets and give them the confidence they need to become the best. 

To celebrate National Mentoring Day, we asked six members of our team how they felt about mentoring and what they get from the process. 

Content – Katrina and Rachel 

K: “I’ve always loved to write, and I saw the same passion for writing in Rachel when she came for her interview with us. Rachel’s always enthusiastic and open to feedback, learning more and improving her skills. For me, it’s lovely to share what I’ve learned and (hopefully) give her advice that helps her to get better and better. 

“I personally think it’s really important, both from a business point of view and a personal point of view, to try and develop people to be at the same level as the people who mentor them and then go even further. Rachel is capable of amazing things and I hope I can give her the confidence and skills to level up.” 

katie & Rachel

R: “I’ve learned an incredible amount from working so closely with Katrina this past year. Her constructive advice and constant support are real driving forces in my professional development, helping me to hone my skills and work hard towards my goals. 

“Katrina is a huge inspiration to me and it’s fantastic that I can work alongside somebody who is as passionate about writing as I am, with an incredible amount of support. She’s brilliant at helping me to believe in myself and my abilities and has made a real difference to my working life. 

“I hope that through continuing to work with Katrina, I can learn to apply my skills in a variety of ways and build up my confidence to take on new challenges within my job.  

“It’s great that events such as National Mentoring Day exist, as it’s lovely to reflect upon what I’ve learned from Katrina so far and appreciate the time and effort she puts in to help me develop further in my career.” 

Account Management – Jamie and Seb 

J: “Having started as an apprentice myself over seven years ago, I found it incredibly important to learn from the senior expertise we had in the business along the way. Mentoring Seb is now a very rewarding experience. It’s great to be able to share what I’ve learned with an individual who’s willing and eager.  

“He isn’t afraid to ask for support when he knows it’s necessary and is confident in his own abilities. Taking critique is a skill important to be able to develop. We encourage it throughout all the teams at PM and Seb can do so to further his development.  

“Seb is now an integral part of the Account/Project Management team – we couldn’t do without him.” 

S: “Working with Jamie as part of the Account Management team has been an immense privilege. Being able to learn from someone who has stood in my shoes as an apprentice several years ago, all the way up to the position of Director is incredibly beneficial.  

“Jamie supports me a great deal in dealing with higher-scale projects and clients than I am used to and helps me to confidently step out of my comfort zone. He has a huge level of knowledge and professionalism, and he is always happy to provide me with guidance and advice whenever I need.  

“I am confident that, under Jamie’s management, I can continue to gain skills and grow into my role as a Project Manager.” 

Design – Claudio and Ollie

C: “During my career, I’ve been exposed to great talent and met many great people from whom I’ve learned so much and I’m still learning from, so I’m a firm believer in mentoring. 

“I believe that a good mentor is someone that can spot the raw talent and passion within an individual and can nurture it out of them. 

“From when he first joined us, Ollie has always shown a great desire and enthusiasm to learn and to join the design team, so it was a pleasure to take on the responsibility of supporting his development. 

“Mentoring is so important to an individual’s development and sharing my experience and knowledge with Ollie has given me immense satisfaction, especially when you can see that it has contributed to the growth of such a talented designer.  

“During this ongoing coaching process, the important thing to me was to not develop Ollie into a creative just like me, but to give him the opportunity and freedom to develop, to be his own designer with his own great creative ideas.”  

O: “Claudio has been a huge influence in my progression at Purpose Media, especially this year, helping kickstart my career as a designer.  

“Claudio and I work very closely together. As the Creative Director, I believe Claudio is the right mentor – he has an incredible passion for design and he’s the perfect person to guide me and my work. 

“I’ve learned a lot from Claudio this past year and I am looking forward to further progressing my skills, and maybe one day, showing Claudio a new trick or two!” 

We care about our team

Only 25% of small and medium-sized businesses currently make use of business mentors. ( 

At PM, we’re proud to offer mentoring to our staff.  

We believe it’s important to recognise the excellent work each of our team members does, learning from each other, together. 

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Let's get started.

Posted by Katrina Starkie