Marketing is everywhere, which means upping your communications is more crucial than ever.

But when it comes to making an impact with your brand, it’s common to focus your attention on strong visuals such as a stylish logo or easy-to-use website. And while these are key components to building your brand identity, what’s equally important is the way your business communicates with customers, suppliers, consumers, and staff.

Your communications can level up your business.

Having a clear, consistent tone of voice not only helps your audience understand what you’re selling and how it will benefit them but also offers an insight into your company’s goals and values, which in return can establish you as reliable.

So, what other reasons are there to whip your communications into shape?

It makes you human

Ain’t nobody got time for dealing with companies that lack personality.

No matter what service or benefits you offer, people like brands that they can relate to.

If your business communications are honest, warm, authentic and have character, then your audience will be more likely to build a rapport with you.

Create content for people, not robots.

It builds authority

Think of the brands that stand out.

Apple springs to mind, as does Nike.

What these brands have in common is that they’ve established themselves as industry experts through the messages they put out and the tone of voice these messages are presented in.

Both brands are confident, lively and memorable.

They’re passionate and want to share this passion with their audience. It’s clear in their marketing, in their content, in their customer service and in the products themselves.

Adopting this level of confidence in what you’re saying, and love for what you do can elevate your brand, putting you up there with the greats.

It helps you stand out

Cut through the noise with the right message.

Plenty of brands write blogs, send marketing emails and use social media to keep their customers in the loop, but not all of them make a connection.

This is usually down to the content they’re putting out.

Even if their product is great and they’ve nailed their visuals, behaviours, and environment, if their communications miss the mark, they may as well not bother.

Ditch the drab text and create high-quality content curated to provide a seamless link between your message and your brand. Putting you strides ahead of the competition.

The right content will help you to stand in the marketplace.

It gives you focus

A strong tone of voice can form the foundation of your entire brand identity, building trust, increasing conversions and helping you stand out in a crowded, competitive market.

It can impact your visuals and products, can strategise your marketing plan, and can even help you hone in on your target audience – winner!

It helps to build trust

The more familiar and authentic your communications, the more likely you are to form a bond with your customers. Familiarity is comforting, and if customers know what to expect from your brand through a genuine, consistent tone of voice, they’ll be more inclined to put their trust in you.

A good way to visualise this is by thinking of your brand as a person. The trick is to ‘make friends’ with your customers by being as true to your brand personality as possible. Use your communications to introduce your brand, help your audience get to know you better and build a customer/brand relationship that lasts.


Shaping your tone of voice to perfectly fit your brand can open doors to more customers, more sales and more authority in your field. Once you’ve honed it, roll it out across the whole company to keep it consistent, from email marketing, social media, and blogs to your phone services and face-to-face sales.

Keep your communications simple, use language that’s natural to your brand and service, be clear about what you’re trying to get across and don’t try to be something you’re not.

Choose a voice that reflects your values and remember, it’s not just about what you say, but also how you say it.

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Posted by Katrina Starkie