In a world where only 25% of people think they’re living up to their creative potential, the big question is: How do you unlock your creativity?

Sometimes it can be hard to get into a creative mindset. Whether life is getting in the way, or your juices just aren’t flowing, sometimes creativity needs coaxing.

Even our creative experts here at PM suffer from a bout of creative block, making it difficult to come up with initial ideas for some of the cracking briefs we receive.

We work together to get into the right head-space to unleash creativity, and here we share steps you can take to help unlock your imagination.

Give Yourself Permission

When creativity isn’t flowing, it’s often a good idea to sketch ideas out and brainstorm. While many think brainstorming and mind maps are a waste of time, when it comes to getting your creative juices flowing, it’s a saviour.

The trick is to let loose and let ideas flow. There’s no good going into it thinking it’s a waste of time.

Schedule in some time to brainstorm ideas. Get out the crayons. Get out the A3 sheets. You’ll be surprised at what might happen.

Creative teams brainstorm ideas to help unleash creativity

Free Writing

It’s important to scribble down ideas, no matter what they are or how bizarre they might seem. Keep a notepad handy, as creativity might strike at any moment.

Even if it doesn’t make much sense, or you’re not 100% convinced it’s the right message, good ideas may stem from it. Start writing ideas and then you can revisit them and start to refine them to come up with something that works.

Keep a notepad handy to note down ideas as they come to you.

Go Wild

Sometimes it helps to start with an impossible idea and work backward. Volkswagen once set out to encourage people to start using litter bins more often. Their initial idea was to give out money every time the bin was used. Realising this was totally unfeasible, they instead outfitted the bins with a motion sensor and sound effects board which made fun noises when trash was thrown in.

The result? People put 91 more pounds of trash into the special bin versus a standard bin that was located nearby. It proved that a wild idea can always be scaled down into something memorable.

Wait to Evaluate

After working on a piece of work for a large amount of time, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate what you’ve done. Take a break and come back with a fresh pair of eyes to ensure you can better analyse it.

Why not work on something else or sleep on your ideas? You’ll wake up and see your work in a new light, enabling you to edit and amend where suitable.

Find the Low-Hanging Fruit

When working on a big campaign it can be tempting to start working on the largest, hardest part of the task first, getting it out of the way. Yet all too often, it can be a recipe for disaster, making you think way too hard about the project and muddle your thoughts.

Instead, do the easiest parts first. By finding the low-hanging fruit you’re sure to produce ripe and delectable results.

Share the Load

There’s no shame in asking for help and in doing so, you open your project to even more ideas. Sharing your workload is a fantastic way of collaborating with your team and means you can work more productively as a result.

Sharing ideas can help define a workable concept

Take Five Minutes

If you’re still struggling for ideas or your creativity is lacking, take a little break. Look over what you’ve done so far and evaluate. This is a crucial step and allows you to gather your thoughts, sit back and enjoy how far you’ve come.

It’s at this stage that another flood of creativity may get released – enabling you to develop and better your work.

Get Help if You Need It

Sometimes your creative juices struggle to flow, even if you’ve tried your very hardest. It’s so frustrating when you know what you want to achieve but can’t quite get there.

But that’s where PM comes in.

We work with companies to define a consistent style and message that wins new business and inspires your audience.

If you need help with your next campaign, we can help. Let’s get started.

Let's get started.

Posted by Rachel Gascoigne