Time spent on mobile devices has surpassed desktop and it’s been revealed that 80% of app users engage with their apps 15 times a day! The moral of the story? Done right, the messages that you send via mobile can be powerful!

The challenge, with so much competing content, is to catch attention, build trust, and meet increasing customer expectations.

Marketing agencies, retailers and other savvy businesses are now making better use of mobiles in their marketing efforts. But what do you need to do to get mobile marketing right?

Target Effectively

People scroll through news feeds so quickly that you only have time to make one strong point. So, it’s important to think about the key message the customer needs to know, and how to get it across in an interesting and entertaining way.

KFC hit the nail on the head with its latest campaign centring around everyone’s favourite gravy (Sorry, Bisto).

With a high-impact video, and a killer headline, “No such thing as dry a January”, the fried chicken chain has grabbed the audience’s attention within seconds with light-hearted, fun messaging.

The campaign works well because KFC has considered how people consume mobile advertising. There’s no heavy text, no long 3-minute videos. Just sheer simplicity, and it works.

KFC's bold mobile campaign catches attention easily

Create Content that Complements

It’s always worth thinking carefully about how different media can complement each other.

When preparing mobile campaigns, it’s helpful to create individual briefs for specific formats such as TV adverts and Facebook, rather than trying to create a single piece of content to suit multiple platforms.

Three Mobile did just that with its #PhonesAreGood campaign.

The mobile provider started with a 2-minute TV advert which included a series of historical scenarios that could have been improved if only the protagonists had had a smartphone available. Clips include Henry VIII browsing for new wives on Tinder – thus preventing the executions – and cavemen ordering Deliveroo.

Yet instead of shortening these clips into snippets for other media outlets, Three created a joined-up campaign that reflected the nuances of the different platforms it wished to advertise on.

Three created a great mobile campaign

For example, on Facebook, Three focused on Snapchat, and how having unlimited data allows for unlimited snapping, hence making phones good – and perfectly targeted on a platform which is popular with the Snapchatting persona.

Purpose Media’s Head of Digital – Mitch Brown – tells us:

“Marketing should never be delivered as a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Three is a great example of how campaigns work best when audience behaviours and journeys have been considered.

“The key isn’t to simply retell the story, just complement it, ensuring it suits the audience – especially on mobile!”

Seek Help if Needed

The success of KFC and Three Mobile demonstrates how a clear creative brief and a strong understanding of mobile platforms can lead to some engaging – and effective – work.

If you’re looking to create a mobile campaign that’ll pack a punch but still unsure where to start, Purpose Media can help.

We’ll help you to see the world through the eyes of your customer, developing brand messaging that attracts visuals that inspire, and ads that convert.

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Posted by Rachel Gascoigne