A landmark year or corporate anniversary is a perfect time to re-connect with your audience and share your story.

It’s a chance to talk about why you started your business in the first place, where you’ve been and what makes you different, providing an opportunity to thank employees and clients who’ve helped you reach this milestone.

But before you start popping the champers and ordering a cake, consider the ways in which you can leverage your upcoming anniversary into a compelling campaign.

Here are some tips…

Throwback Social Posts

The lead-up to a landmark year is a great time to gather, review, and catalogue assets from over the years.

Search for old photos, brochures, and campaigns. Ask your past and current clients to share memorable stories. Interview some of your first or longstanding employees. Then share what you’ve gathered on social!

Marketing Director, Katrina Starkie says: “Throwback social posts are an effective step in raising brand awareness and spreading the word about your special anniversary”

“It can help create some fantastic content, plus you’ll have a giggle as you sift through the memories too”.

Three runners after the Derby Ramathon

Celebrate Long-Serving Staff with PR Opportunities

Every business has a team member who seems to have worked there since the dawn of time – commend this!

Long-serving members of staff make for great PR opportunities helping show that your business cares greatly about its staff and is a great place to work.

As they’ve worked there for so long, they’ll have many tales about how the business has evolved over the years, including fun memories that are sure to get some laughs.

Create a Brand Asset

Illustrate your brand’s impact over the years by designing a new logo or set of brand assets to be rolled out over the course of the year.

A commemorative logo should adhere to your established brand standards, and if possible, incorporate the existing logo into it.

“An anniversary logo can be used on collateral material, company websites and other commemorative items and gifts. It should be incorporated into any company advertisement throughout the year for ultimate brand consistency and promotion”, according to our Creative Director, Claudio Davanzo.

Sainsbury's 150-year commemorative logo

Sainsbury’s 150-year logo will be rolled out across all promotional materials this year

Praise Clients, Customers, and Staff

It’s not all about you. It’s about them. You’ve reached a milestone thanks to the way in which your employees have impacted the world, helped customers to do the same, and will continue to do so – go get that third-party advocacy!

Sainsbury’s are currently marking 150 years in business with a digital archive featuring all its company assets and memories, inviting staff and customers to share their stories. The campaign celebrates the history of the brand and the people who’ve made Sainsbury’s what it is today.

While that may not be possible for all business to achieve, an event certainly is! Why not host one to praise the people that mean the most to your business?

Not only will this increase brand retention for more successful years, but it also provides an opportunity for new sales and networking too.

Get Creative with Your Anniversary Publicity Plan

Why not position your landmark year within a larger industry trend?

Supermarket giant Tesco is celebrating its centenary year with an advertising campaign featuring iconic moments from across the decades, highlighting the supermarket’s history of offering customers “great value”.

The ads bear the strapline ‘prices that take you back’, referencing customers who are feeling the pinch thanks to ever-increasing prices, January blues, and the current climate.

“You open your campaign up to increased publicity and opportunity by playing your business anniversary off a larger trend or theme,” says Jamie, PM’s Account Director.

“The campaign has already been successful – Tesco has reported record weekly sales since the ads started running. But not only does the 100 Years campaign make the most of a recent trend, but it also resonates with a variety of audiences – featuring characters from the decades that many will recognise and relate too, also helping boost success”.

Hire the Experts

Celebrating a landmark year takes a little more than party planning, but it needn’t be stressful. Sometimes it just takes a little marketing know-how.

From creating commemorative brand assets to publishing celebratory PR pieces, Purpose Media can help you make the most of your special anniversary.

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Posted by Rachel Gascoigne