Not every brand is as exciting and appealing as Apple, Nike, or Fenty.

There are tonnes of companies out there, selling products that are pretty damn dull. But just because their offer may be boring, it doesn’t mean their marketing has to be.

While it might take an extra measure of creativity, brands in ‘boring’ industries have proven that it’s possible to produce engaging content if you’re appealing to audience needs and willing not to take yourself too seriously.

So, who’s doing boring, best?

Bulb, marketing energy differently

It’s safe to say that energy companies aren’t always looked upon with the highest regard. And when it comes to their marketing efforts, they’re often boring, price based, and not worth the watch.

Yet start-up Bulb has been taking a distinctly different approach. Focusing on providing affordable and renewable energy to its growing customer base.

And it’s not only their offer that’s different. The brand is setting itself apart from the glut of uninspiring energy ads we’re used to seeing with its first TV campaign.

The suite of three 30-second films introduces a family of characters, including talking unicorns, a chatty fan, and a giant kelp, all of which come to life.

Each ad brings to life one thing about Bulb.

One focuses on the fact that they’re the fastest growing energy company, another on how they’re the biggest green energy company. All done in a fun and creative way.

Bulb shows us that just because they’re selling something mundane and routine, their offering can still be marketed to target audiences in a way that’ll capture both attention and purse strings. The creativity in the ads allows the message to be remembered, leading to higher brand recognition and sales.

“Alexa, create an ad that’ll make me laugh”

It’s not just small start-ups that are thinking about marketing differently. One of the largest brands in the world, Amazon, used creativity to sell its Alexa voice product in a recent Super Bowl ad. The 90-second spot imagines a bunch of celebrities using Alexa with gadgets that ultimately didn’t make the cut, including the ‘Alexa Dog Collar’ which orders a truck full of dog food for Harrison Ford’s Boston terrier. The result is a commercial that had much more recall and recognition in a large field of expensive Super Bowl commercials.

Instead of a simple demonstration of the Alexa product, Amazon was able to pick fun at themselves, which made the ad much more memorable.

While energy isn’t really that sexy, and voice search isn’t even that funny, people want to share creative material that feeds into what they believe in, forming an emotional and positive relationship between the customer and the brand.

Even if you have a ‘boring’ product, you can still create original, passionate content worth discussing.
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Posted by Rachel Gascoigne