Businesses generally avoid fooling around to maintain a trustworthy reputation. 

Yet every April 1st many companies seek out to prank the public, paying homage to the age-old tradition of April Fool’s Day.  

For the business world, April Fool’s is an ingenious marketing opportunity. Brands are desperate to outdo each other, competing to win the best prank, and capture the most customer attention. 

So, who’s in the running for first place this year? 

McDonald’s – Milkshake Sauce 

The fast-food favourite took Twitter by storm when it announced the release of its milkshake flavoured sauces in the early hours of April 1st. 

Targeting those (weirdos) that like to dip their fries in their milkshake, the clever video advertises the new range using clips of people pouring milkshake sauce pots over their meals, followed by the message, “Get dipping from 1st April”. 

Some followers were quick to realise the ad was a ploy, yet others were upset to discover the sauces weren’t going to be coming to their local drive-thru anytime soon.  

One wrote: “I was so buzzing about this and then mid-tweet I realised the date and now my heart is shattered. 

BMW – Lunar Paint 

BMW shot for the stars with its annual prank, claiming to have rolled out a new ‘lunar paint’ which would help “push the limits of electric driving”. 

From today, BMW drivers will be able to add Lunar Paint as an optional extra to their vehicle, which uses revolutionary photovoltaic technology to harness the power of the moon and passively recharge the car battery in the hours of darkness. 

The companyeven came up with a catchy slogan for the idea – “Sun down. Charge up.”  

BMW car under the moon

BMW isn’t the only car manufacturer to cash in on the April Fool’s antics. Honda Canada has launched ‘the polite horn’, in a mission to make roads a little more civilised.  


Boden – Brexit Breton Top Ban 

While many think that Brexit is a complete joke already, clothing retailer Boden are the latest to poke fun at political negotiations.  

The brand claims that consent has been withdrawn for it to continue producing Breton shirts, the French-inspired UK fashion staple. Anyone owning a Breton top will now need to apply for a special EU shirt license to carry on wearing it or face a €1000 fine. 

As a result, it’s offering a Breton stripe removal service. The complimentary postal service erases illegal stripes by screen-printing, a technique the company calls ‘the Bret-off’.  

Breton T-shirt

Jameson – Glitter Shot Technology 

Meanwhile, in the world of whiskey Jameson has found a new way to ensure your favourite tipple is shared – not stolen.  

Bottles of Jameson triple-distilled whiskey are now being fitted with anti-theft glittershot technology. All drinkers need to do is to set the cap to ‘Glitter Shot Active Mode’ and any sip-stealer will be immediately covered with 10,000 particles of green glitter. Where do we sign up…?


How can you make sure your campaign doesn’t fall flat? 

There are tonnes of excellent April Fool’s campaigns out there, but along with the good, there has to be the bad, and the damn right ugly. 

If you do decide to create your own campaign it’s important to ensure its well-executed and will resonate with customer personas. If just one element is off, your efforts will be lost and the only one looking like a fool will be you. 

Purpose Media can help you to create a campaign that people will poke fun at for all the right reasons. Experts in a wide variety of proficiencies, we have the skills to take your campaign to the next level. 

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Posted by Rachel Gascoigne