Elections, Bank Holidays, National Fish and Chip Day…

The calendar is littered with holidays, awareness days and events.

Some brands seize the opportunity to leverage these dates to raise awareness for their brand and encourage engagement. So, why aren’t you doing the same?

There are a variety of weird, wonderful and even wacky awareness days that are sure to suit your business, no matter what industry you fit into.

Here are our top tips to make the most of out of these key calendar dates, leveraging them to suit your brand and business aspirations.

are you leveraging key dates?

Identify dates that are meaningful to your brand and audience

Mother’s Day isn’t going to be relevant if you’re a manufacturing wholesaler, but the Brexit date will be. You need to plan ahead as much as possible to identify dates that will mean something to your customers and be relevant to your brand.

We recently wrote a series of blogs about how to best prepare for Brexit, leveraging the B-word to suit our own business and motives, but also helping our customers too.

Manipulate the narrative to suit your message

Once you’ve identified the date, you need to think of a ‘story’ linking it to your business and customers. If it’s International Women’s Day don’t just profile your employees or customers – target those you want to work with. How can you create content that’s meaningful and engaging for them?

An idea could be to hold an event to celebrate the day, perhaps inviting your favourite female speakers to attend? From this, you can create social media posts, blogs and PR pieces targeting your audience.

Make sure it has a call to action

It’s no good to simply piggyback on key dates – you need a captivating call to action which’ll trigger someone to do something! Make sure whatever it is you do to celebrate your key date creates intent, otherwise, it won’t deliver value for you or your customers.

For example, why not hold a Movember competition in your office, asking for donations to support the great cause? You could document the progress on social media each week, helping push for more funds.

Map it out

If you do decide to celebrate a key date, it’s important to map out the customer journey.

For example, if you write a piece of content, how will they find it? How will they consume it? And what will they need to do next?

By planning out how your customer will approach your campaign, you’ll ensure a return and can easily track progress and results. The campaigns we created for Perfect Smile on Black Friday or International Alert on World Peace Day did just that (and they worked)!

Get help

If you need it – get help from the experts who can make sure you’re making the most of key dates.

Whether you need help picking out the dates relevant to your business, or want a better idea of what utilising awareness days can do for you, PM can help.

Our team are on hand to act as an extension of your team if you need us! Why not give us a call to discuss making the most of key dates?

Let's get started.

Posted by Rachel Gascoigne