On the 21st June, offices up and down the UK celebrate Bring Your Dog To Work Day, and at PM HQ, it’s certainly no different!

Except at Purpose, every day is Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

Everyone’s favourite employee, office pup Pepper, comes in bright and early to greet us as we walk into the office, and she’s always there to see us off at 5pm.

Pepper is a fun-loving Jack Russel Terrier x Poodle cross who’s always getting up to mischief! When she’s not in the kitchen searching for snacks, she’s sniffing around the office for tickles and tummy rubs.

Our very own office pup

Dogs Don’t Get You Down

While having Pepper around is a lot of fun, having an office dog has been shown to improve the workplace in more ways than just having a fluffy face to look at.

Reduce stress

Research shows that having a dog in your place of work increases staff happiness, reducing overall stress levels. Lowered stress creates a comfortable working environment leading to better communication and higher job satisfaction.

Brings the team together

Nothing brings the office together like laughing at Pepper’s mischievous mishaps! Whether as an icebreaker for new employees or as something for everyone to talk about, dogs are great for team building.

Increased productivity

Some may think having a dog running around the office is a distraction, instead, dogs encourage employees to have a well-needed break to clear their head, increasing productivity levels overall.

More people to love Pepper

Not only is an office dog good for employees, it’s also good for Pepper! Being around lots of different people gives Pepper better social skills and improves her ability to relax around people. Coming to work also means she gets to spend more time with Katrina and John, creating a stronger owner-pet bond.

Pepper’s favourite time of the day

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Starting in 2014, Bring Your Dog To Work Day is an annual event organised by HOWND that raises money for dog welfare charities to end animal abuse and promote loving relationships with dogs.

This year, the chosen charities are All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.

Desperate for some Pepper snuggles? Pop in for a chat.

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Posted by Rebecca Ellis