Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has quickly become a standard business practice.

CSR efforts can range from donating money to charity, to implementing environmentally friendly policies in the workplace. 

For companies, the overall aim is to achieve a positive impact on society while maximising the creation of shared value for the owners of the business, its employees, shareholders and stakeholders.  

But it can be difficult when it comes to talking about these charitable deeds. 

No one wants to read content that boasts about how great you are, or brags about the amount of money you’ve raised, but it’s still important to mention the great CSR work you’re conducting. 

So, how should you do it? 

Well, because we’re super nice (what did we say about bragging…), we’ve come up with this handy checklist to help you… 

How to approach CSR, and not brag about it… 

Make it fun  

Share your story in a way that’s fun and interesting. If you’re raising moneyhow are you doing it? If it’s a challenge, share some training pictures or before/after shots of you looking like you’ve put some effort in. 

For example, TIS, a fire, security and communications specialist company, recently held a charity car wash to raise money. The event saw members of the senior management teams get their hands dirty, washing employee cars for a donatable fee. They charged £5 for the outside, £5 for inside, raising £230 in total. 

TIS used social media to get word out, documenting the day on their various channels to show how much fun they had. 

Charity car wash

TIS’ Charity Car wash in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

Make it personal  

People like a story when it’s got a personal element (why do you think we get background stories for contestants on shows like BGT before they do their act?If you’ve got a personal link to the organisation you’re supporting then share that story  tug on those heartstrings! 

Link it to your business 

If it’s not personal, how does it link to your business? Ensure efforts always align with your brand identity. It can be tempting to support a wide variety of non-profits, but it is more powerful to pick a few core focus areas in which to make a significant impact. 

The best way to link in social posts or blogs is to tie it to the products and services you supply. It can be tricky – and if it’s too difficult perhaps re-think the cause or how you approach it. 

The National Lottery are always conducting CSR work by organising charity events or initiatives, using money from the Lottery fund to support amazing causes. The Lottery’s latest campaign, ‘Haircuts for the Homeless’ is a great example of how the scheme helps fund charitable causes, making a difference with the money they raise. 

Tell a story  

A couple of people shaking hands with a picture of a large novelty cheque is old-school – people don’t care about a wad of cash, they care about real people. Include as many pictures as you can, or even better, video. Show the people who will benefit and get them to share how much your support means to them. 

Ask for help 

If you need help shaping and sharing your CSR story, Purpose Media can help. 

Our team of creative copywriters and savvy social media experts know just how to leverage your story and get it out to the right audiences. 

Sound interesting? Give us a call! 

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Posted by Rebecca Ellis