Whether you missed us at the latest EMC Marketing Forum, or you’re here to refresh yourself after a jampacked morning, this blog has the lowdown you need…

At the latest forum, we offered strategic tips and practical advice for creating the best video content to support your marketing. Sharing examples of good and bad corporate films and advice from our Head of Video on how to make your business and brand shine through film.

So, what was up first on the agenda?

Why Create Video?

A video should have a single focus or subject matter. There’s always the temptation to please your Managing Director or the Board, cramming a video with everything and anything related to your business.

Yes, you’ve been going for 20 years, you’ve got all the awards, all the accreditations and you recycle all your cardboard and plastic – but do we need to find out about it all in one video?

All too often we’re asked to create a ‘short’ five-minute video, covering every subject under the sun. Yet the most effective solution is to create five, one-minute videos, each with a single subject matter.

For example, if your business operates in a factory, some people will be interested in the products, some in the work-place culture, and others might want to know more about your green credentials.

So, by creating three separate videos about each of these topics, you automatically drive engagement levels and avoid making all three audience types watch one longer video they aren’t 100% interested in.

Remember: Different audiences are interested in different things. A successful video is created with the viewer in mind with a call to action or prompts at the end.

“Marketing Derby asked us to create a range of different films to help promote Derby and the surrounding area to a variety of different personas.”

Choosing the Best Type of Video

There are so many different types of videos to choose from and each will help create the desired effect.

You could film a time-lapse of a busy workplace or capture some slow-motion footage of a tool in action.

Or what about interview clips? Interviews are a fantastic way of providing information and personality.

And if you haven’t got anything to physically film, have you considered animation? Animation is a great way to relay information with ease and effect.

Top Tip: Text-based animation is increasingly popular for ‘Top 5 Tips’ type videos.

How to Create Video That’ll Get Results

As with everything, the proof is in the planning!

Plan what you want to say and show and then have a think about the reaction you want your audience to have. It’s that simple.

Once you have a film that you’re happy with, you should start to think about how you’ll use it. It’s not enough to create a video and just upload it to YouTube. Video should be designed to be repurposed where necessary with social media edits, website clips and more.

For example, we recently created a brand film for our client, Whitemeadow. With a full version of the film on their About Us page, a silent version that sits on their homepage, plus a variety of smaller clips edited from the original version for use on Whitemeadow’s social channels.

By creating different clips and edits you can drive traffic to the relevant places, plus get more bang for your buck!

“Whitemeadow has gotten a lot of mileage out of its brand film.”


So, in conclusion, our Top Tips for making the most out of video are:

  • Have an objective in mind before starting the video
  • Don’t complicate your message
  • Always ask the question: would I watch this video? If not, then don’t make it
  • 10 short videos are more effective than one long clip
  • Use it across all your social media and online platforms to gain the most exposure
  • Re-edit and re-use content to get the most out of your film
  • Learn, review and amend. Measure your success and take note of what works and what doesn’t so you can improve next time

Video should be seen as a living breathing asset to your marketing tool chest. Always being updated and added to.

As a tool video is proven to drive traffic and increase conversions, and our award-winning team has the skills and talent to create stunning film and animated content.

Working as an extension to your team our purpose is understanding what your customers want to see, to provide video content that really delivers.

For more advice, or even a video itself, get in touch!

Let's get started.

Posted by John Starkie