A recent marketing campaign has netted Purpose Media several new clients and additional revenue, including a single project worth more than £24,000.

We sent a targeted, bespoke and personalised direct mailer to a database of carefully selected marketing professionals across the East Midlands.

The pack contained a complimentary Kit Kat and some artisan teabags for the recipient, along with inserts describing our web design, video, digital marketing, eCommerce, content, social media, and digital marketing services.

It also included a custom URL, which took the recipients to their own website landing page. The page was customised to them and their business, with their own video explaining how Purpose Media could help them, and a breakdown of services that would support their business.

Tracking was put onto each of the landing pages so we could measure the results of the campaign and follow-up with anyone who had viewed the video.

The campaign cost £2,000 to deliver and resulted in more than £100,000 of additional work and the acquisition of several new clients, providing a healthy pipeline of work.

We’re also currently putting the finishing touches to our next marketing campaign, targeting HR professionals, which will launch shortly.

The direct mail included a variety of useful collateral and tasty treats.

Practicing what we preach

Marketing Director, Katrina Starkie, commented: “We were delighted by the success of this campaign, which was highly-targeted towards our ideal customers and was designed to showcase the full range of creative marketing solutions we offer to our clients.

“We wouldn’t advise our clients to do anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves, so this campaign showed that we practice what we preach and demonstrated what a bit of financial investment and a lot of creativity can achieve.

“Now we’ve used ourselves as a guinea pig, we can offer similar campaigns to clients and would urge anyone interested in doing something similar to get in touch and see how we can work together.”

Managing Director Matt Wheatcroft added: “This was a great campaign which resulted in us bringing on board several new projects giving us a good order book, along with new retainer clients investing in our full-service marketing offering. More importantly, though, it showed our potential customers what they could achieve from their marketing by partnering with us.

“We’ve worked hard to build a team with real experts in all the marketing disciplines we offer, which means that when a client signs up with us, they get access to a team of professionals who provide a resource that they may not have in-house. It means that by collaborating with our clients, we can achieve more, together.”

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Posted by Rachel Gascoigne