Here at Purpose Media, we appreciate it’s a challenging time.

Given the climate, it’s likely that the way we approach marketing over the coming months will need to evolve.

Digital resources, especially social media platforms will likely see increased usage as people spend more time indoors, however, it’s important to be aware of how to use these platforms responsibly.

To help you, our team has written a guide which you can download for free below. It should help you to make plans and distribute the right kind of content.

We’ve also created a checklist of essential tools which should help you to keep an eye on what you might already have, and what you potentially need.

Your communication checklist:

✔️ E-shots – Easy to read, update, send and track. Could your approach to sending e-shots be improved?

✔️ Social Media – Accessible to all and on the right platform for your audience. Do you need any support getting your social right?

✔️ Design Tools – Infographics, tables, clear imagery – all great tools to clearly and effectively communicate. Could design help you breakthrough?

✔️ Video and Animation – Engaging and easy to understand, film can help replace face-to-face contact and bring people together. Perhaps film could help your business?

✔️ Getting Your Message Right – Things are changing quickly, and while you’re busy adapting your business we can help you communicate this in the best way.

Communicating efficiently and effectively is key right now.

Download Your Free Guide

Remember, this will pass. We’re here to help. Together, we will come out stronger.

Download our free ‘Marketing in a Crisis’ guide here.

And if you need any help please let us know, and we will find a solution, together.

Let's get started.