In just a few short weeks, consumer behaviour has shifted, and brands are trying hard to navigate the changes.

Businesses have had to quickly adapt creative messages as circumstances change, creating more rapid-response content and rethinking their marketing strategy.

As every brand scrambles to keep communications relevant in an ever-changing environment, one of the biggest (and most creative) marketing resources is the rise of ‘isolation’ tv adverts.

With social distancing keeping many people at home, consumers have returned to television and other premium media sources for credible information. So, brands are turning to remote production to help get their voice heard.

Film in Isolation

Mobile phone provider, VOXI, has launched a TV advert produced and shot entirely in ‘self-isolation’.

Part of their ‘I Am Endless (even in isolation)’ campaign, the ad plays on endless abilities with endless data, featuring multiple scenes of social media trends currently taking place in people’s homes.

Uniquely, the ad doesn’t utilise any stock footage and was shot using the 4K front and rear cameras on Samsung S20-series phones, allowing for high-quality footage.

The teams behind the advert, The Mill and Ogilvy UK used communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams to shoot, direct and review the ad completely remotely – how cool?!

Banking On iPhone Quality

And it isn’t just VOXI who have turned to their mobiles. Understanding that people feel vulnerable right now and that empathy is critical, Barclays Bank released an ad that uses emotive messaging and video clips from their team members to reassure their customers that they can still manage their money as they did before with the Barclays app and online banking.

Video-Calling For Donations

The Co-Op has also jumped on the self-production bandwagon. Recognising that people will remember brands for their acts of good in a time of crisis, particularly if done with true heart and generosity, the supermarket chain’s latest slot encourages shoppers to help donate money to FareShare, a UK foodbank charity.

Celebrity Messages

And the generosity doesn’t stop there. EE also took to our screens with a self-isolation-style recorded message from Kevin Bacon, offering NHS staff free data until October. After all, clapping once a week is appreciated but they deserve tangible rewards too.

Adapting Your Message and The Way It’s Distributed

Brands are all having to think, operate, and lead in new ways during these uncertain circumstances, and we will all have to learn together.

The rise in these remote production marketing campaigns is a promising indication of brand adaptability and the power that video can have in bringing audiences together.

As a tool, video is proven to drive traffic and increase conversions and in times like these, it’s proving to be a much-needed asset. Whether it’s used for a television advert, informational animation, or even a method of communication – video is a versatile and powerful marketing tool.

For tips, advice or more information on how PM can help your brand utilise video in your current marketing, give us a bell.

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