2019 was a great year for marketing creatives. From funny tweets to throwing shade, we’ve seen some of the best campaigns to date.

The year saw some of the world’s biggest brands grab our attention with funny, witty and borderline genius campaigns.

Here are just a few of our favourites…

Bringing Your Favourite Shows to Life

Do you fancy replicating The Simpsons’ living room? What about Monica’s apartment from Friends?

Well, thanks to IKEA’s clever campaign, you now know the exact products needed to make the famous sets come to life.

The campaign helped create a buzz about the brand, using iconic pop-culture references to showcase the homeware giants’ vast range of products

Ikea recreate Monica’s iconic living room

Nothing Like a bit of Healthy Competition

In 2019, Burger King decided to focus on the products of its competitors, rather than its own.

The burger chain kicked off the year by poking fun at McDonalds’ mascot Ronald McDonald, by offering “Clown Free Birthdays” to Children across the world.

And BK didn’t stop there…

In the final few days of the year, Burger King released a “Whopper of a Secret” that in every single advert for its Whopper burger, hiding just behind was a McDonalds Big Mac to prove once and for all who was bigger and better.


But it wasn’t just McDonalds that felt the wrath of the Burger King marketing team. Burger King also made a dig at MPs with their Whopper bus during the General Election in December. By jumping on the trend during the high-profile election, BK’s quick-witted thinking gained lots of media attention.

BK takes a swipe at parliament

From Shaming the Competition to Helping Them?

The rugby enthusiasts at Guinness were feeling hard done by when Ireland were kicked out of 2019’s Rugby World Cup in the Quarter Final by New Zealand’s All Blacks.

To show their disappointment with the Irish’s bitter 46-14 defeat, Guinness Ireland took to Twitter…


Empowering Women to Have the Last Laugh

Back in April, Twitter user @theachippendale went viral after she received some harsh criticism from a user on Tinder.

A viral tweet sparked ASOS’ attention

Following her rise to internet fame, fashion brand ASOS spotted its dress in the viral tweet and decided to give Thea the last laugh by adding her picture to the ASOS website, making her a model for the dress.

This grand gesture received huge praise from Twitter users across the country, while empowering women to feel better about their appearance.

Out of the Blue

Innocent smoothies released a new range of smoothies at the start of this year, including a “blue” drink that caused controversy.

Starting out as a simple disagreement about the colour of its new product, Innocent kickstarted its whole campaign convincing the world that the smoothie was blue. Gaining 1 million organic impressions overnight, the initial strategy simply involved replying to any doubters.

This quickly turned into a high budget campaign, including a video with noughties boyband star, Duncan James, from Blue.


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Posted by Rebecca Ellis