Changes in online customer habits mean changing the way your business thinks about advertising. Understanding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the first step. Our Digital Marketing Manager, Mitch, explains why…

As a business, you may have heard about or received emails telling you that you should be using AMP. But what is AMP and does your business really need it?

Accelerated Mobile Pages load really quickly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You may have seen these on Google when you’re looking for a news article.

Businesses such as Sky, BBC and the Guardian use AMP pages and adverts to meet customers’ expectations for quick content.

Consumers are becoming more demanding and less willing to wait for a site to load. So, a one-second delay in mobile page load can decrease your conversions by 20%.

AMP is an open source initiative that makes it easy for publishers to create mobile-friendly content once and have it load quickly. It utilises a piece of coding that works with current HTML platforms. This ensures that content is loaded at the most optimal speed for your connection. Google servers deliver the quickest loading speed for AMP due to the bandwidth it uses.

Coding AMP on to a page or advert will stop the dreaded half-loaded page with no images. It will also enhance your prospects’ user experience through faster load speeds and create a customer journey that results in satisfaction and engagement.

What does this mean for your advertising?

All businesses should consider using AMP coding on their websites, especially content and news distributors, as it will increase load speeds and SEO value.

AMP can also be used in marketing too. Consider social media as a large channel for most business to consumer interactions.

If a customer sees your advertisement or published content and is interested, they will click. However, non-AMP optimised content or adverts load far too slowly for the average consumer; therefore, they will disengage with your hard work. A result no business wants. Speed is the key and AMP delivers.

Here’s how AMP can work for your business across multiple platforms:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords AMP adverts load, on average, two to four seconds faster than traditional adverts. This is because the content of the AdWords ad is optimised to load faster, increasing your ad visibility and making it more likely to be engaged with.

Having your Google AdWords directing to an AMP page will increase customer satisfaction and reduce waiting time, allowing your customers to view and interact with content almost instantly.

After three seconds, your conversion rate drops by 40% – a percentage too high for most businesses.

Place yourself in the position of a searching customer, looking on Google for a business just like yours. They see your advert and are directed within a few seconds to their desired page. Result.

AMP optimised Google AdWords will enhance your campaign and deliver fast load speeds, just what your customers want.

Display advertising

Did you know that display adverts that use AMP also have a higher conversion rate?

The largest factor in this is the load speed of the actual display advertisement.

An AMP display ad will load almost instantly, even on a non-AMP coded page. This has had a huge success on social media platforms.

It gives customers instant access to your site, without disturbing their social media time.

Using an AMP display ad or re-targeted display ads on a page your prospect has an interest in will increase the likelihood of a click, as both the content and advert load seamlessly. Meaning site-hopping can be carried out at ease.

This improved customer journey results in them being more satisfied with their experience and make them more likely to respond positively to adverts.

AMP and your business

Don’t feel that you need to redesign your whole website to be AMP coded. AMP websites are not necessarily for everyone. If your industry is content distribution then you should seriously consider using AMP as you know customers need quick content, and if you’re not delivering, they’re not staying.

However, a business such as Purpose Media, which works in the full-service marketing industry, doesn’t need AMP web pages for all its pages, just the pages that are linked to specific campaigns like Google AdWords or Display ads. This is because the two AMP ads and webpages- will work in synergy to load as fast as possible.

Improved conversion rates are the end-result of any type of marketing. Through delivering key messages from your business at almost lightning speed, your customers can be assured that you want their custom. Just remember to make your marketing memorable.

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AMP should be a high priority for your website or marketing. More visitors are using their mobile devices for everything from browsing the web to fully complete their online purchases.

AMP will enhance your customers’ experience of your brand, from the adverts they see too the web pages they land on. Imagine being able to present your business to customers in less than a few seconds. Your customers are more likely to come back to you, as you’ve created a memorable marketing experience. Don’t let your business slow down!

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Posted by Katrina Starkie