Exciting times at Purpose Media as we continue our digital marketing expansion, supporting more businesses pivot their marketing to focus online.

Matt Cocking joins the team from Fifteen Design as Head of Paid Media, tasked with building a new team to support clients generate leads and drive traffic through paid advertising on platforms like Google and social media. The Digital Marketing expansion follows a successful year of business.

Matt has 8 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, with 5 years specialising in Pay Per Click.

Following the recruitment of Head of Digital and Strategy, Ellie Buckle, who joined from Hallam in the summer – Matt’s addition to the team is part of ambitious growth plans for Purpose Media’s digital offer, with a goal to double the size of the business within 12 months. The expanded offer now includes a full Digital service, including SEO and PPC. 

Purpose Media Managing Director, Matt Wheatcroft, said;

‘The impact of COVID has brought forward businesses plans for digital marketing by about 5 years. You can’t lock down the internet, so we’ve seen increasing demand for digital since businesses have had to rethink their marketing strategies.’

‘We’ve never been a business to sit back and wait to see what happens, so we’re investing in growing this team now, doubling our digital capacity so we can push on for our clients and get them a return on investment.’

Matt Wheatcroft

Purpose Media Managing Director, Matt Wheatcroft

Exciting Opportunity

On his new role, Matt C said; ‘Becoming Head of Paid Media is a super exciting opportunity to use all of my skills and link these with the amazing creativity the team at PM possess. Ellie and I have big aspirations for the Digital team, and I’m already putting plans into action.’

Purpose Media’s Head of Digital Strategy, Ellie Buckle, said; ‘Data shows businesses who continue to invest in their marketing during uncertain times fair better in the long run than those businesses who put spend on hold. We’re seeing evidence for this with our clients, so it’s awesome to have Matt on board to support those customers who are facing challenges head-on and pushing forward.’

Encouraging Businesses

As new COVID restrictions continue to cause uncertainty and impact the wider economy Matt Wheatcroft hopes news of Purpose Media’s expansion will encourage businesses to look forward and start planning for the future. He said;

‘I started Purpose Media during the 2008 economic crisis, and one thing I learned from that period, and any other turbulent times, is that you can’t stop. As soon as you take a pause to see what might happen your competition leaps ahead and you’ll be left struggling to keep up. We’ve always invested in marketing and it’s stood us in good stead.’

‘My advice to other business leaders would be to do the same, not just because we’re a marketing agency, but because it’s the only way we can protect our businesses and bounce back. Once we ride out the storm of COVID then it’s Brexit, we don’t know what the future holds, but one thing we can control is how we steer our businesses to make the best of it. Push now, don’t wait, don’t stop and we’ll all come out of the other side.’

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Posted by Rachel Gascoigne