The Bing Partner Programme has launched in the UK.

The scheme is ultimately a relationship between Bing and its most qualified agency partners.

So, what does it mean for your business?

About the Bing Partner Programme

Committed to empowering small- and medium-sized businesses around the globe, Bing’s partnership programme was created to help ensure that businesses achieve their goals.

The programme has three tiers, Partner, Select and Elite, with Elite partners receiving the highest levels of certification and benefits.

Bing partners need to meet a certain set of requirements, including:

  • Being a Bing Ads trusted adviser to a large base of small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Having an infrastructure to provide billing and reporting support to a large base of customers on a regular basis.
  • Being able to participate in Microsoft and Bing Ads partner events, and training for Elite partners.

What are the business benefits? 

Alongside its partner programme, Bing advertising can unlock many benefits for your business. So, why use Bing advertising?

With 25% market share in the UK, Bing powers a quarter of all searches.

Pairing this with its 840 million monthly searches, your Bing ads will reach a whole new audience.

And Bing adverts have the cheapest CPC (cost per click) rates.

With lower CPC, your budget can go further and achieve a greater return on investment with Bing advertising.

Bing advertising also includes several features like image extensions and shopping adverts. So, you can make sure your adverts are as eye-catching as possible.

Get £100 worth of Bing ad vouchers – for free

Bing’s partnership programme is now available in the UK.

Working with a Bing partner adds to the growing list of benefits for using Bing advertising, including its 25% market share, cheaper CPC and better ROI.

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With these benefits, there’s no better time to see what Bing advertising can do for you.

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Posted by Katrina Starkie