Have you got a Black Friday marketing plan?

We’re gearing up for that time of year again – in a few short weeks we’ll be girding our inboxes and social feeds ready for an influx of Black Friday marketing campaigns. With companies all over the shop vying for your attention it’s easy to get lost in the noise, so PM’s Account Manager Matthew Bonser has shared the top Black Friday marketing mistakes you don’t want to make.

Not planning ahead for your Black Friday Marketing

When there’s a heck tonne of Black Friday marketing going on, you don’t want to be last out of the gate. If you’ve not started planning by the time October rolls around, you’re going to be leaving it too late – campaigns need to start launching by mid-November to hit the magic Black Friday surge.

To make sure your campaign and business is ready, you need to start planning by September at the latest so you’ve got plenty of time to get it right.

There’s a lot of research, planning and projects that you have to pull together to make a good campaign. And with a set date, there’s no chance of pushing the deadline back. There’s a lot that can go wrong if you’re not prepared.

How to avoid it:

Plan early, and maybe launch something early too – you could make an awesome teaser page to start pushing a social media campaign in advance of the big day. That way you can capture the data of interested people and get them ready to buy way before the big day rolls around.


Black Friday Marketing

Plan the tools for your campaign early so you can get everything ready for the big day


Getting your audience wrong

In an effort to bring in as many sales as possible many businesses try to sell to everyone and make their ads and messages as broad as possible. But often this approach misses the mark, and by widening their net companies fail to attract anyone.

A little bit of research can go a long way. Look at your business, your products and services and see who your ideal customer is and how you solve a problem for them. Then, create a targeted campaign around that. It not only increases your chances of customers buying in, but it will make tools like targeted ads on social media or Google more successful, as the more focussed your keywords are, the cheaper they can become.

How to avoid it:

Back to our previous point, plan early and make sure you think about your customers and their wants and needs. If you put the customer first and give them something they want, you’re onto a winner!


Not planning enough resources

Creating a campaign that’s a success is great – but what will you do if it’s really successful, like REALLY successful. We’ve all heard the tale of the baker that almost bust after a Groupon deal took off, so you need to think about what resources you’ll need if the campaign is a real success. Could you keep up with demand?

How to avoid it:

It sounds simple, but sometimes the simplest things are the things we miss – you’ve got to plan! Work out what could happen in a best case and worst case scenario and then track back to see how it would affect your business.

Do you need terms and conditions to help you manage orders? Can you switch campaigns off if you’re swamped? Can you increase your budget if you’re not seeing the results you want? Is your web server up to a surge in traffic? Finding answers to questions like this will give you the tools to manage potential pitfalls a campaign can throw at you.


Forgetting about Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is starting to take over Black Friday as the ecommerce heavyweight. So think of both dates as one big event with two pushes as opposed to just focusing on just Friday or Monday.

But, you need to plan your strategies if you have big sales back-to-back, or you can frustrate and isolate your most valuable customers – that’s the people who buy from you.

Some brands hold back their best deals for Monday, which seems like a good way to tempt customers who considered buying on Black Friday Friday but didn’t quite follow through. But, what about the customers who did buy from you? Seeing a bigger discount just days after you made a purchase feels a little shady.

How to avoid it

If you want to push bigger discounts maybe give Black Friday shoppers the best deal on certain items, and have new offers ready for Cyber Monday. Better still, contact the customers who made a purchase on Black Friday with new deals or give them early access as thank you.


What’s your plan for your Black Friday Marketing?

With the clock ticking it might feel like you don’t have time to pull something together (you’ve already got your day job to do!). Why not get the team at Purpose Media to help? We’ve delivered some really successful Black Friday campaigns for Perfect Smile and Edgemere and we can do the same for you.

Contact us and we can help you put a plan together.

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Posted by Matthew Bonser