Why is it vital to use creative marketing to deliver a memorable customer experience?

We hope you had a chance to see Purpose Media’s April Fools’ Day video about our new K-9 web developer, Pepper. If not, the video can be viewed below:

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Marketing should always be representative of your business, but It should also be creative engaging and impactful. Otherwise your marketing may go straight into the junk folder.

Delivering a creative marketing campaign on any platform will allow your business to not only promote itself but build a brand as well.

When you do something different in the marketplace it creates noise. That will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

How does creative marketing generate results?

Creative marketing helps generate business results.

It’s a different method of looking at marketing through the eyes of your customers. It’s not designed for the hard sell, it works on engaging with your customers on the platforms they use regularly and having a message that is delivered in a unique way.

At Purpose Media, we always look to push boundaries and have fun, but always deliver results.

Our April Fools’ Day campaign generated lots of engagement on various platforms in just two days of it going live:

  • 659 video views on Facebook
  • 2,684 post views on Facebook
  • 823 impressions on Twitter
  • 152 views on YouTube

As a business, you can use any event to your advantage. The more creative your campaign, the more your customers will remember the experience.

Delivering a memorable experience.

Creative Marketing

You should always consider your customers’ experience when creating or delivering any form of marketing. So, as our campaign demonstrated to our customers that Purpose Media is a fun and forward-thinking company. Denoting them the type of customer experience they will have with us.

Memorable marketing will enhance your customers’ experience and increase the level of engagement you receive too.

We know marketing is about generating results, but you also want your customers to interact with you organically too.

We’ve received many positive comments about our viral video, both from businesses we work with and the general marketplace too.

One of our favourite comments we received was on Facebook: “Does she Winalot of pitches?”

Creative and memorable marketing allows for this type of customer engagement, it shows them the type of business you are and the work you can produce.

Not only creating an enhanced customer experience but building rapport before you may even meet that new client.

Think about your marketing differently.

We hope from our campaign you can see how you can use creative marketing to promote your business, interact with customers and create a memorable experience for them.

If you liked our April Fools’ Day video and want to talk to us about how your business can do something creative, get in contact with our experts here.

Let's get started.

Posted by Katrina Starkie