Purpose Media has enlisted the help of local tender consultancy business, Ask The Chameleon, to assist in diversifying our strategy.

Through the pandemic, we have been helping new and existing clients, offering expertise to help clients adapt their offer and message to suit the current climate.

And as well as encouraging clients to adapt their approach, we have also done the same, adding tender applications to the current marketing mix.

A New Approach

Our new approach identifies projects that would benefit from our full-service offering through tender applications. The application process allows us to showcase our unique capabilities, gaining opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise arise.

Ask The Chameleon’s lead consultant, Rachel Hayward is working with the sales and management teams to find tenders suited to the business’ skillset, guiding us through the application process to ensure applications are successful.

On working with Purpose Media, Rachel said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with Purpose, working together to reach new customers and explore new avenues.

The combination of my experience in tender writing and their unique offering makes for a successful partnership.”

Purpose Media’s Managing Director, Matt Wheatcroft added: “Rachel has been a huge help through the tender process and the entire team has learnt a lot from her.

Throughout the pandemic, we have spoken about the importance of adapting to a new normal, evaluating what you normally do and how it can be improved or switched up to suit circumstance. We discovered a new route of opportunity and with Rachel’s help can unlock new sales opportunities in the long term.”

Strength in numbers

East Midlands Chamber’s Chief Executive Scott Knowles, who introduced Matt and Rachel earlier this year, commented: “Seeing two partners work together through times like these is exactly what the Chamber is all about.

We’re proud to see two great, local businesses putting their heads together and using their expertise to defy the odds during turbulent times.”

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