Emojis are quickly taking over the internet but you may not have noticed their move into the business world. 👨‍💼

Emojis are a great tool for businesses, allowing them to communicate more effectively with their audience and get their message across in those pesky character limits. 👏

But how can you make the most of them without taking it too far? 😬

In honour of the new Emojis coming to a screen near you, we dive deeper into the world of those little yellow faces…

Get Engaged 💍

Emojis are great for catching up with friends in the group chat 💬 or wishing a family member “Happy Birthday 🎈”.

But don’t doubt the power of an Emoji in your marketing.

They’re a great tool for brands to lighten their tone without having to try too hard.

From breaking up big chunks of text to supporting what you’re saying with a visual element, an Emoji or two might just be what your brand is missing.

Get your followers engaged with Emojis

As well as making your brand more relatable for your audience, Emoji’s have statistical clout too.

According to Hubspot, Emoji’s increase engagement by 25.4% on Twitter and increase likes on Facebook by a whopping 57%!

But it’s not just your social channels that can benefit from our cartoon companions, they can be used to spice up your email campaigns too, and not forgetting blogs – just like this one. 😉

Emojis in the real world 🌍

Still struggling to see how amazing Emojis are? 😦

Even some of the biggest brands have embraced the Emoji…

Mastering the art of Emojis, McDonald’s use Emojis in lots of different ways on Twitter, from the classic hamburger Emoji at the end of a tweet to only ever using Emojis in a caption.


McDonald’s mastering the Emojis

Virgin Trains is also major Emoji-inspo. Its social media strategy is filled with Emojis, from the content of the post itself to the replies in the comments.

While Virgin’s informal tone of voice might not be right for every business, it’s a great example of how Emojis can be used to improve your online communications.

Emoji Top Tips 💡

By now you’re probably an Emoji ambassador, but it’s important to use them in the right way. To help, we’ve created a quick guide…


👍 Use Emojis across your online communications – it makes you more relatable and improves engagement. 📈

👍 Use Emojis to reinforce what you’re saying – so your audience can get the gist of your content before they even start reading. ✔️

👍 Pick a brand Emoji – to be used across communications to represent what your business does (just like McDonalds’ famous hamburger 🍔).


👎 Overdo it – too many Emojis can make it look like you’re trying too hard. 👌 👌  💯 💯

👎 Use irrelevant Emojis – Irrelevant Emoji’s can confuse the reader and distract from what you’re trying to say. 🌝

👎 Put Emojis in the middle of sentences – putting Emojis in the 🤨 middle 😣 of a 🤕 sentence 🤯 will disrupt the reader’s flow, making it harder to understand.

👎 Use Emojis in serious situations – this can make you seem insincere when the audience wants to be taken seriously. 🤪

Don’t be scared to ask for help 🙋‍♀️

If you’re struggling to find your voice, Purpose Media can help.

From social media to blogs, our team can help you achieve the right tone of voice so you’ll be an Emoji-wizz in no time. 🥳 Talk to our team today. 🙌

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Posted by Rebecca Ellis