News coverage brings many benefits and a great awareness to your business.

The key to being published and getting great news coverage is through great, newsworthy stories.

But, it’s worth bearing in mind that what might be a great story for your company may not be seen in the same way by the media.

To help you unlock the benefits of news coverage, we’ve put together this guide on what makes a great news story.

What is newsworthy?

Your business probably has many great news stories that are just waiting to be told.

The key to writing a great news story is to ensure that it is newsworthy. This may seem like a simple concept, but it means that there needs to be something about your story that makes it news and worth caring about.

The biggest mistake when it comes to good news stories is to mistake adverts for your company or product as news. This mistake is particularly common around holidays, where companies will use the occasion to set up their product as the perfect gift for the day.

Despite how exciting and great your products are, advertising is not news.

Ultimately, newsworthy stories for your business need to tell a story in a way that is relevant and interesting to the audience. They are built on these key items:

  • How will the story effect the audience? If the story isn’t relevant and significant to the audience, they won’t read it.
  • How closely is your story connected to your audience? Stories that occur locally, or relate closer to your audience will have a bigger impact, making them better stories.
  • Human Interest. Although human interest is a broad category, it corresponds to how compelling your story is and why how it will interest the audience. Think about what makes your story unique and the effect it will have on your audience. Will it inspire or amuse them?
  • Great stories cover topics that are new or relevant to current events. In some cases, your company could even offer a unique perspective to a current event. Part of a story’s success is through great timing. Think about why people should care about your story now, instead of at another time.

Great news stories will be able to promote your business, product or service in a way that your marketing couldn’t. In addition, the better and more newsworthy stories you send, the better the relationship you will build with journalists.

Within your business, think about the following suggestions to create your news stories. Do you have something that makes you different and unique from everyone else? Does anyone at your company have an unusual expertise or background?  Has your company achieved any major milestones? Is your company taking part in a unique challenge or programme?

The most important step to follow for great news stories is to consider why people will care about yours. If the audience doesn’t have a reason to care, it’s not a great news story.


Press coverage can bring many benefits to your business, including greater awareness.

It’s always important to remember that press coverage is ultimately down to the journalist. They are under no obligation to publish your story, so you need to make sure that you  send only great and relevant newsworthy stories.

Great stories aren’t simply adverts for your company and journalists aren’t stupid. They are trained to spot what’s real news and what’s not… and anything that falls into the latter will get spiked.

Instead, you need to tell a story in a way that people – and most importantly, journalists and their readers – will care about and want to read.

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Posted by Katrina Starkie