We’re only just getting over the excitement of the 19/20 Awards Season.

From the Oscars to the BAFTAs, there’s always something about the glitz and the glam that gets everybody’s chins wagging.

And while your business might not match the dizzy heights of an Academy Award win, business awards are a great way to boost your company’s image giving you exposure to the wider business community and showing your customers that you’re good at what you do.

And these little plaques also carry weight in your marketing collateral too!

Announcing your win on social and adding the award logo to your email signature can make all the difference when promoting your brand.

But just how can you secure the gong?

Aside from the basics, like sticking to deadlines and giving it a good proofread before hitting submit, it can be difficult to know the best practice for submitting awards.

Here’s our top tips:

The Do’s

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

We’re starting with a simple one, but a rushed entry is not going to impress the judges.

Leaving it to the last-minute means you risk leaving out key points, make silly mistakes and will run out of time to get your entry checked by your colleagues.

You want your award to accurately reflect your business, so it’s definitely worth setting time aside to do it properly.

Give yourself lots of time to plan what you’re going to say

Best of the Bunch

While it might be tempting to enter every award to increase your chances of a win, you don’t want to spread yourself too thinly.

It’s best to pick one or two awards that truly represent your business, and that would be meaningful to your clients, so you can give them your full attention and smash the nomination.

When choosing the award, remember to keep your marketing strategy in mind. It’s best to pick an award that will hold clout in your industry and resonate with your audience.

Keep it Simple

Fancy jargon might look good on paper, but when it comes to actually understanding the points you want to make, simple language is the way forward.

Award judges are much like your target audience, they don’t want to waste time Googling every other word – and most likely won’t. Just like in your marketing strategy, your offering needs to be clear and easy to digest to leave a good impression.

Back Yourself

When it comes to writing your entry, you can’t just tell the judges what you’re good at, you need to prove it too.

This will make it easier for the judges to understand your business and might even save them time when it comes to researching your business.

A simple way to make sure you hit the mark is by using the old but gold PEE method – Point, Evidence and Explanation – and using statistics where possible.

Follow our tips to fill up your own awards shelf

The Don’ts

Less is More

Waffle is a breakfast food, not an award entry. While you want to show off your best assets, you don’t want to bore the judges with irrelevant information – especially if it takes you over the word count.

Each judge is taking the time out of their day to look at your entry, so the least you can do is make it interesting.

“Long enough to cover the subject but short enough to create interest.” Remember that old saying?

Missing in Action

It might sound obvious, but you need to answer every single question, even if you don’t want to.

Often, judges will mark you down for missing out a question and it might even spark them to do some digging. So, having something is better than nothing.

If you’re really struggling to answer a question, try to spin a negative into a positive to show your development as a business.

More is More

I know, I know, we just said less is more but hear us out.

This time we don’t mean in the entry, we mean in the awards themselves.

Don’t limit yourself to one award. Once you’ve got that first award, you know you’re pretty good at all this stuff, so why stop there?

Multiple awards over several years show consistency as a business, filling that mantelpiece and building your credibility.

Always keep the end goal in mind!

Need that little helping hand?

Having a well thought out marketing plan can guide your award strategy, helping you choose the right awards and eloquently answer even the most difficult questions.

If it all sounds a little overwhelming, don’t panic! Our team can help.

Get in touch today to strengthen your strategy for a coherent award entry.

Let's get started.

Posted by Rebecca Ellis