To realise the potential content marketing offers, it’s critical to have a plan.  

It sounds simple, yet it’s a step many businesses don’t take. Designed to raise awareness and improve SEO, content marketing is an incredibly important aspect of business.  

70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy, and only 29of leading marketers reuse and re-purpose content. 

If you’re one of the 70of marketers operating without a plan, you’ve come to the right place. Allow us to guide you through the planning process and produce a content plan that will generate results. 

Why is content important? 

Content helps people find your business. It shows them why you’re the experts, helping them to understand what you do, how you do it, and how you can help them.  

Writing content also helps your business get noticed online. You’ll soon find your site gauges more traffic with the introduction of regular blogging and keyword-rich content 

Using long-tail keywords will not only help you think of even more content topics, you’ll also start to appear in Google searches, increasing web traffic even further, especially with the continuous rise of voice search,  

How often should content be created? 

Nothing is worth doing if it’s not done right. Regular, consistent content is the key to success, and you should aim to post one to four pieces of content a month. 

Posts should be around 300 to 600 words in length and include images and video for ultimate engagement. 

How should I choose what to write?  

Content should always make an emotional connection with your audience.  

To ensure that all content created is meaningful, there are some key criteria that need to be met. Content will need to satisfy as many of these criteria as possible to ensure the best value is achieved from producing content. 

Ask yourself: 

Will it make their job easier? 

Readers will want to ease their workload as much as possible, so if your business can make processes simpler for them, you should identify this in your content. 

Will it save them money? 

Many personas will be motivated by profitability and ROI. Where products and services can be attributed to cost savings, these need to be highlighted. 

Will it make them look good? 

Some personas, especially influencers, will be motivated by how they are perceived by their seniors. Others may be motivated by aesthetic appeal and something unique in the market. These features need to be highlighted. 

Will it fulfil their responsibilities? 

The need to meet certain criteria, such as energy ratings or storage temperatures, will be an essential requirement for some personas, so it’s important to ensure these are identified. 

content plan

Sharing ideas in your team is a great exercise

There’s no point in writing content that won’t convert. Check against Google data to find search terms to target content and help SEO, this will ensure your content is seen by more eyes and will improve your Google ranking. If you’re not sure what keywords you should target, Google ‘keyword planner’ or find a friendly digital marketing agency that can help!

Another idea is to plan key dates that are relevant to you and your industry and create content around those. For example, a bakery chain should cash in on National Bread Week and the launch of The Great British Bake Off, as these events both grab national attention. 

A Key Date Calendar we particularly enjoy is by our good friends at Sprout Social.

Target the people you want to work with

The key takeaway is to create content that’s targeted to the people you want to work with.  

Designing a content plan is a fantastic way of getting ideas down and strategically planning what you want to say and who you want to say it to. Yet sometimes, it can be difficult knowing exactly how to do that. 

Whether you’re still unsure who you want to talk to, or the world of SEO and keywords absolutely baffles you, Purpose Media are here to help. 

We’re an extension to, or complete marketing team for your business. We’re both creative and technical, and we look at the world through the eyes of your customers to develop a content strategy that works for you. 

Book in to see us today! We’ll pop the kettle on… 

Let's get started.

Posted by Katrina Starkie