When you think of Human Resources and Marketing, you probably think of two distinct departments within a company, one focused on external matters, the other internal. 

Yet there’s an ever-increasing bond forming between the two. 

And it doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Marketing tools can be used to make HR processes like recruitment, inductions, training, and retention easier and more consistent. 

Marketeers know how to target customers and communicate a unique value proposition to them. These same techniques can be applied to potential employees too.  

In essence, marketing agencies are able to support both internal HR departments and external HR and Recruitment Consultants (or coach-ultant recruiters who are savvier to their client’s business needs) to get visibility of the right applicants in the right places, and supply tools to train and retain them.  

How Purpose can help your HR department

Support in communicating the ‘culture’ of businesses  

Social media can act as a powerful tool to support the communication of the culture behind the business. From recruitment posts to ‘behind the scenes’ pictures to help promote what its like to work at your business, we can help you utilise social to the best of your HR ability. 

Design team working on branding

Behind the scenes images help to paint a picture of what it’s like to work at your organisation

Creating collateral 

Whether it’s a video, printed document, a digital campaign to help promote culture, or induction packs and training films, creating collateral can help make your job easier. Not only will promotional pieces that advertise brand culture help attract applicants, training videos will also help new employees to settle into their role, whilst taking some of the added stress off you! 

HR/Recruitment Landing Pages 

Ever posted a job and not received the number of applications you’d have liked? Help drive traffic to your posting by creating a dedicated page on your website. Not only does this provide a CTA for any social posts or collateral pieces, but it also gives applicants the opportunity to explore the rest of the site, getting a better flavour of your organisation.  

Integrated digital recruitment campaigns (social media, organic SEO and PPC) 

Targeting those you’re keen to attract can be difficult and the world of SEO and paid advertising can be a minefield. Allow us to create a targeted digital campaign to help push your recruitment campaign to those who matter, providing support where needed, getting you the desired results. 

Ongoing engagement campaigns through email and social media 

It isn’t just reactive marketing and agency can help withOngoing campaigns can hold your business at the forefront of everyone’s mind, keeping followers engaged and aware even when you aren’t actively recruiting. Ongoing marketing communicates your value and brand on a more permanent basis and can be done via social media posts, regular blogging, and e-shot campaigns. 

working on a social advert

E-mail and social media can keep candidates engaged

Find out more about HR and marketing

HR can no longer afford to reply on job adverts to recruit new talent alone, with many now taking smart steps to think like a marketing department but having the skills and experience to push this forward is a difficult challenge to overcome.  Having a marketing team at your deposal means that, whilst generating campaigns for your potential customer base, they can integrate messaging that targets both customers and push campaigns to prospective employees too.

The world of HR is changing and shouting about how great it is to work for your company, whether that’s because you keep winning fantastic new contracts with big brands or because you simply have a culture that people relate to more easily, then techniques used to attract customers can be equally effective when the audience changes.

Take a peek at our case study section to see how we’ve used these tools successfully with our clients – those like you who are looking to find and keep the right people.  

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Posted by Katrina Starkie