The lifting equipment manufacturer has commissioned Purpose Media to support its ongoing marketing strategy.

One of the UK’s leading hydraulic lifting manufacturers, Penny Hydraulics, has been in business since 1978.

The team at Purpose is working with the company to support the evolution of Penny’s brand message and communications.

Our work will see a multi-channel approach across a variety of marketing disciplines, including video, social media and website development. Using persona-driven analysis to create collateral that resonates with audiences.

Purpose’s appointment comes after the team at Penny Hydraulics were left unsatisfied with results from previous marketing efforts.

Jamie Bourn, Matthew Bonser, Claudio Davanzo, Robin Penny (MD), Ashley Holmes (Financial Director), Richard Short (Sales Director), Daniel Casey (Marketing Manager), Tim Penny (Service Director).

Commenting Dan Casey, Marketing Manager for Penny Hydraulics, said; “We have worked with various agencies in the past, but the strategy was always inconsistent, and we were consequently failing to receive a good return on our investment.

The team at Purpose Media has completely changed our way of thinking and has some brilliant tools to help us uncover new ideas and processes to improve our marketing output. They understand what we want to achieve and are totally committed to helping us get there.”

Purpose Media Account Director, Jamie Bourn, said; “The process we’ve created to understand the goals of our clients, and the behaviour of their customers, means we can work with Penny Hydraulics to realign their strategy and make it more coherent.

Penny Hydraulics had previously worked with a variety of other agencies, each working on separate strategies with varying levels of support. The problem with working with so many different companies is balancing the management of output and success. You don’t want to work with several different companies, you need one that you can trust.

Here at Purpose, we pride ourselves on our holistic, persona-driven approach and are delighted to be working with Penny for the foreseeable future.”

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Posted by Rachel Gascoigne